11 Seaford Avenue, Sandymount, Dublin 4
The food: Italian
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The next generation of Dunne & Crescenzi have taken the Sandymount site and super-charged it, with dishes like buffalo burrata and pistachio, white rabbit ragu and seabass crudo. Their social media feed is a steady stream of things we want to eat, and are sure to be responsible for a good chunk of their bookings.


Katy McGuinness, Irish Independent

07 Sep 2019


"Crudo is the neighbourhood Italian that everyone would like to have within walking distance of home, serving food that's interesting enough to make it worthwhile to leave the comfort of the kitchen rather than regret paying for something that you could easily make yourself." Food 8/10. Value 8/10.

Catherine Cleary, The Irish Times

27 Jul 2019


"Neighbourhood restaurants make you feel like you’re at home. Good ones like Crudo serve food that’s several notches above what you might get on a trip to the brighter lights of the city centre." 8/10.

Gillian Nelis, The Sunday Business Post

26 May 2019


"It’s always to see an old favourite become refreshed in a way that’s appropriate both for its history and for the requirements of today’s market. It’s a big congratulazioni from me to the team at Crudo, who’ve done just that, and done it brilliantly."

Tom Doorley, Irish Daily Mail

13 Apr 2019

"These were proper Italian meatballs - big, and their meatiness unmediated by breadcrumbs. Intensely savoury, creamy, simple and delicious. I was tempted to lick the plate."

Lucinda O'Sullivan, Sunday Independent

24 Mar 2019


"We shared the most divine big creamy puffball of buffalo burrata (€13) with toasted sourdough, enlivened with a tart rhubarb mustard, and pistachio dukkah..."

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