The Fitzwilliam Hotel, 128 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2
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One of the most talked about restaurant openings in Dublin for years, Glovers Alley saw Irish chef Andy McFadden, who'd won Michelin stars in London, return home to take over what used to be Thornton's in the Fitzwilliam Hotel. No expense was spared for the January 2018 opening, including when it came to hiring staff, who were handpicked from the city's best restaurants. It's one of the priciest dining options in Dublin, and all eyes are going to be on them come September 2018 when the new Michelin guide comes out.


Katy McGuinness - Irish Independent

01 Jul 2018


"Our experience at Glovers Alley - like the curate's egg - is good in parts. The few bum notes derive from a tendency to be 'international' at a time when Irish food is discovering a sense of pride in place ...That said, he's a chef of undoubted talent, whose return home adds something different to the city's restaurant offering." Food 8/10. Value 7/10.

Tom Doorley - Irish Daily Mail

16 Jun 2018


"...a key characteristic (of Andy McFadden's cooking) seems to be having small explosions of startlingly pure and assertive flavours forming a kind of minefield of delight with all of the other elements on the plate."

Leslie Williams, The Irish Examiner

07 Apr 2018


"GA is not perfect but there are touches of perfection in McFadden’s cooking and in the desserts from Noonan — the aniseed kick of the fried tarragon spears with my lunchtime rabbit — the beautifully cooked rare liver and kidneys and in the balance of the pre-dessert granitas." Food 8/10. Value 7/10.

Catherine Cleary, The Irish Times

17 Mar 2018


"Glovers Alley is missing a sense of place. You could be anywhere on Planet Money eating fine-dining tropes from the Michelin playbook." 6/10.

Lucinda O'Sullivan, Sunday Independent

25 Feb 2018


"...superb food by McFadden. I just wish the place itself wasn't quite so precious."

Gillian Nelis, The Sunday Business Post

11 Feb 2018


"I couldn’t resist the Irish stew made with Comeragh mountain lamb, which came in two parts: a swanky version on the plate, and a more traditional rendering served in a little pot on the side ... cooked to perfection and full of flavour, this was one of the best plates of lamb I’d eaten in years."

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Glovers Alley

The Fitzwilliam Hotel, 128 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2

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