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Culinary collaborator

The Vintage Inn


Irishtown, Dublin 4



Date Posted

1 May 2024

The team at The Vintage Inn, Irishtown, Dublin 4 are seeking a new culinary collaborator.

Operating Wednesday to Sunday (plus additional Aviva match days that fall on Monday/Tuesdays) in a thriving neighbourhood, we would like to invite high quality food entrepreneurs to discuss potential collaborations (short, medium and long term).

We are looking for an enthusiastic operator who will take this opportunity and grow it. Any interested parties will need to provide an offering that can be scaled up to meet the demand of Aviva Event Days, private parties and wedding bookings. 

The recent Benjamin's Hot Chicken collaboration was an excellent success, providing an opportunity for an ambitious food entrepreneur to gain experience in a bricks and mortar setting without the need for upfront capital investment.

If you’re interested in following up on this, email the team at to arrange a coffee and a chat! 

Kathy & Shirley

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