12 Nov 2019

Allta, the new wine bar with handmade food from formerly London-based chef Niall Davidson, opens next Wednesday the 20th November, but we've managed to bag ATF Readers seats at this week's invite-only soft launch, with 50% off the bill.

Allta has been over a year i...

12 Nov 2019

It's wet, it's cold, it's gross. Stay indoors and eat fried chicken and dumplings. It's the only logical thing to do. Lucky for us the food purveyors of the city are always looking out for us and have come up with lots of ways for us to stay dry and full this November.


10 Nov 2019

This week's reviews are a pretty good illustration of the general divide between the capital and everywhere else right now, with Dublin operating on the frisson of fresh pasta, French small plates and temples to tea and cakes, and everywhere else having a sole focus on...

3 Nov 2019

All Dublin again this week, bar a trip to Lough Erne (*sits back and waits for capital-induced outrage to ensue*), and some happy, medium happy, and ever so slightly ripped-off feeling reviewers doing the rounds.

In the Irish Daily Mail Tom Doorley is first in with his...

29 Oct 2019

Closings, openings, it's the circle of restaurant life, but while there are most certainly more closings ahead this year, you can also count on plenty of exciting openings too, as the food scene continues its rise up the ranks of European eating. Here's four that have...

27 Oct 2019

Barely a bad word this week from Dublin to Dingle - with the exception of some stringy beef and watery cauliflower, but all was forgiven.

Two critics gush about seaside-situated Mamó this weekend. In the Irish Dail Mail Tom Doorley hopes they never take the "delightful"...

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