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Get 15% off at Klaw, The Seafood Café and Klaw Poké

We want to let you into a little secret today. Subscriber's to Klaw's mailing list have been informed this week that if they want 15% off lunch at The Seafood Café and Klaw and 15% off at any time in Klaw Poké, all they have to do is mention "The Klaw Khronicles" - the name of their newsletter. This is a great example of how engaging with your favourite restaurants can benefit you as well as them.

This is another great way for Niall Sabongi to get Irish people eating more seafood - his reason for being. Starting with the tiny Klaw in Temple Bar, he's now expanded to Klaw Poké on Capel Street, and The Seafood Café on Fownes Street in Temple Bar, with more to come.

They're also doing a Klaw Krawl oyster happy hour, where you can get €1 off every oyster in each of their sites at a different time. Currently it's 4-5pm in The Seafood Café, 5-6pm in Klaw, and 6-7pm in Klaw Poké, and they're all within walking distance of each other. Sounds like all kinds of fun.

Klaw is all about fresh, sustainable seafood that tastes great, and if you haven't been to any of their sites yet or can be found complaining that seafood is too expensive, you officially have no excuses left.

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