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Meet Me In The Morning opens sister café

Whenever someone compiles a list of “Dublin’s coolest cafés”, you can be sure that MMITM will be near the top. Since opening in 2016, they've become a destination for people who like good coffee, creative food with impeccable provenance and doughnuts to destroy all others.

The good news is there’s now another “must-try” destination on the Dublin scene, and it’s next door. The guys from MMITM have just opened Reference Coffee, a café and roastery. You can also buy the same baked goods as you’ll find in MMITM, so double win.

Coffee is from various roasters in different countries and will change regularly, and you can buy bags of it to take home. They also have oat milk for the dairy free, and serve tea and hot chocolate.

Reference coffee is open seven days a week, and we give a few days before it's being included on lists of "Dublin's Coolest Coffee Shops".

Reference Coffee

49 Pleasants Street

Dublin 2

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