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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Our timeline seems to be filled with nothing but epic looking desserts at the moment. From the ultimate puff pastry to the next big trend in desserts, here are 5 things we'd go out of our way to eat this week...

1. This Work of Art at The Greenhouse

We're not sure we could even bring ourselves to eat this raspberry, peach and pistachio sablé breton from the lunch menu at The Greenhouse. We might just sit and gaze and it for a while... (and take 25 different photos for Instagram, obvs).

2. Aoife Noonan's Latest Masterpiece at Glovers Alley

Another work of pastry art from dessert chef of the moment Aoife Noonan in Glovers Alley. Raspberry, lemon verbena and caramelised puff pastry (how did we not know this was a thing?) with mango lime sorbet and fresh raspberries. We think they should open a little pastry cart in Stephen's Green.

3. This Dressed up Chocolate Mousse from Hey Donna

There's only one dessert on the menu at Hey Donna so they had to make it a good one. This chocolate and miso mousse with mandarin and ginger yoghurt, spiced hazelnuts and mandarin oil looks like a great way to finish off a Middle Eastern spread. Plus miso in desserts is going to be the next big trend (for good reason). You heard it here first.

4. The Cupcake Bloke's Homemade Mikados

We're not sure a bakery has ever been met with as much anticipation as the first bricks and mortar

opening from The Cupcake Bloke in Rialto, and the 'bloke' in question, Graham, seems to be specialising in nostalgia lately with the creation of these homemade mikados. They look exactly like the originals but bigger and better, and we wouldn't feel anywhere near as bad about ourselves after eating one (or two - I mean if we're making a trip to Rialto).

5. The DIY Cheesecake from Mad Egg

Two mentions in one week for the only dessert on the menu at Mad Egg, but we love this hot mess of a cheesecake that you can customise with chocolate sauce, nuts, oreos and caramel. Katy McGuinness said it reminded her of ice-cream cakes that she used to throw together for her children's birthday parties, which is an excellent endorsement if you ask us.

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