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Camerino Bakery and Café Open Second Site on Merrion Square

Camerino, whose raspberry cheesecake brownies have been known to make people travel

from across the city to their café and bakey on Capel Street, have opened a second site on Merrion Square, in the basement of the Goethe Institute.

Opened by Canadian Caryna Camerino in 2014, Camerino started out as as Dublin market stall and cake delivery service, until Caryna used crowdfunding to open a bricks and mortar site. They specialise

in cakes, cookies and very good coffee, and do a simple lunch menu of salads, sandwiches and soups, and the new location will do that and more.

Camerino on Merrion Square will be open six days a week from 9am, until 8:30pm Monday - Thursday, 6pm on Friday, and will close early on Saturday at 2pm. Breakfast and lunch options are similar to the Capel Street branch, with the addition of toasties and charcuterie boards in the evening (which will be added in the next few weeks). Coffee is from Roasted Brown, Sourdough is from Le Levain, Olive Oil is from Caryna's friend Lino's family farm in Italy, and most of the veg is from McNally or Elmhurst Farms. This will however remain a booze free zone, which is something to do with the German Institute upstairs.

The menu is small and will change frequently, and is currently being hand written on a clipboard each day. They've opened quietly to allow themselves to settle in and iron out any issues, but they seem to be on top of things so it's definitely safe to pay them a visit. They've also got reliable wifi so it's a good addition to the "places I can work from list", if you want to send a few emails over a very good latté and a raspberry and almond square.

They also sell olive oil, balsamic vinegar and bread to take away, as well as what is affectionately referred to as 'crack sauce' - Katie Sanderson's peanut rayu. Merrion Square just got a whole lot more interesting.


37 Merrion Square, Dublin 2

Open daily from 9am, until 8:30pm Mon - Thu, 6pm Friday and 2pm Saturday

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