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Hey Donna Comes to Dame Street

Hey Donna, Joe Macken's Middle Eastern inspired eatery has opened on Dame Street in the old Skinflint site. The original Hey Donna opened last year in Rathmines, and has been universally praised by critics and diners alike, for their "vibrant" and "thrilling" flavours, with dishes like smoked aubergine, pomegranate, za'atar, yoghurt and sesame, berber spiced lamb chops and house made labneh.

The menu for the second site is similar to Rathmines with some new additions, including Hey Donna's take on a kebab, and feasting menus where you can pay a set amount per person (€19 - €27) and they'll just bring you loads of food (current menu at the bottom of this article). Sounds like the perfect pre-game food spot.

The menu in Hey Donna in Rathmines is also getting a shake up, becoming slightly more upscale, with sharing meat and fish dishes that you'll be able to order in advance for the table, and a more serious wine list. Expect more details as we get them.

Hey Donna on Dame Street is now open for dinner with lunch starting next week. Keep an eye on their social media for details.

Hey Donna

60 Dame Street, Dublin 2

Lunch from 12pm (starting next week). Dinner from 5pm.

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