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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This week

Because we’re still hungover from Christmas shenanigans. Don’t @ us. You’ve met everyone you ever knew growing up over Christmas and you’ve chit chatted your way through all of your relatives, now it’s time to go back to normal: brunch with people you actually want to talk to.

Spoiler Alert/Trigger Warning: There will be no mention of turkey, ham or second helpings of roast potatoes in this article. Well, except for now. We’re about as sick of those as we were of your Insta 'best nine of 2018". Yes Karen, we saw you went skiing, no need to show us again.

1. Dim Sum from Bowls

2. Potato Hash from Five Points

A prime brunch spot in Harold’s Cross, especially when this potato hash with cavolo nero, poached eggs, basil and kale hollandaise is on the menu. In the words of the Five Points Instagram page, ‘vibez’.

3. Toast from Nutbutter

Grand Canal Dock’s toast hub that is Nutbutter presents, you guessed it, toast, topped with almond butter, banana, salted seeds and honey. Like something you might make at home, but better.

4. Two Boys Brew Overnight Oats

Recently highlighted as one of Katy McGuinness’s ‘Top 30 Healthy Food Experiences to Try in 2019’, TBB’s vegan overnight oats is now at the top of our list for breakfast this week, particularly because they come topped with cinnamon baked apples, blackberry compote, hazelnut butter and lemon balm.

5. The Squash Bowl from Slice

Slice’s brunch bowl is filled with McNally squash, labneh and hazelnut dukkah with poached eggs, pomegranate and chilli oil. So many things right with that sentence.