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Where to Watch the Rugby While Sitting Down and Eating Nice Food

We're not sure how, but it's rugby time again. Welcome to ten weeks of absent boyfriends and husbands, emotional highs and lows and very noisy pubs. But you don't have to stand in some grotty, cramped, city centre hole to get in on some social rugby action. You can actually go to civilised places instead. Ones that serve very nice food, while you're comfortably sitting down. This way, no matter what happens in the game, on some level you will have already won.


Staying central? Head to Crow Bar in Temple Bar where there's a full screen and you can order a Meltdown cheese toastie till 3pm.


Lemuel's in The Conrad

Looking for something swankier? Head to The Conrad's cocktail bar, Lemuel's, for bar food, comfy seats and complex cocktails.


Shelbourne Social

Not one we were expecting to have on the list, but Dylan McGrath's new high end Ballsbridge restaurant Shelbourne Social are showing the match in their 'Loft' bar. You can order bar food including that famous hot curd bread, bao buns filled with pork belly, lemon sole or duck, and there's a wagyu beef burger which you can add freshly grated truffle or foie gras to. Cocktails are also a speciality. Super fancy match option.


Fallon & Byrne