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Lucky Tortoise Is Giving Away Free Food This Thursday

Lucky Tortoise on Aungier Street launch their new lunch deal this Thursday, and is giving away free dim sum to celebrate. From 12-4pm on Thursday 21st March, those willing to brave what will probably be a lengthy queue will get to try their new lunch deal at no charge (but if you get in it would be sound to at least leave a tip for the staff).

The new lunch offer includes miso, okonomiyaki, pork siu mai, vegetable dumplings, rice and kimchi for €12, and there's wine on tap if you have an easy afternoon ahead of you. Lucky Tortoise were only supposed to be popping up on Aungier Street for two weeks last September, but it's proved so popular that they've stayed put. Evenings are a €20 all-in menu which is definitely one of the best deals in town right now.

Diners will be served on a first come, first served basis on Thursday, and looking at the queues Pi had last week when they offered pizzas for €3.14 for Pi day, we're expecting this to be busy. People love free food.

Lucky Tortoise

8 Aungier Street

Mon - Sun 12:00 - 22:00

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