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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

With so many openings to come over the next couple of months, including some new wine bars to spend the evening in (don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted), Dublin is going to be an exciting place to be this summer, with lots of extra places to visit. To get ourselves into the mood for the season of wining, dining and all the outside pints, we’ve compiled a list of 5 things we want to eat this week, all pretty "extra" themselves.

1. The Summer Truffle Cacio e Pepe at Crudo

This is the dictionary definition of extra. Cacio e pepe is already extra, what with it only being made of pasta, cheese and black pepper, but then they went and added truffle. We keep hearing great things about Crudo and this is right at the top of the "to eat when we get there" list.

2. The Basil Chorizo Bowl from Sprout

We love seeing a food business that grows their own food and works with local producers like Sprout.

Their early summer menu launched last week and features the new ‘Basil Chorizo’ salad with roasted Lilliput chorizo, Sprout farm greens, bulgur wheat, buffalo cauliflower, roasted peppers, red onion, red cabbage, basil and garlic balsamic dressing. Summery vibes.

3. The Butterscotch Cream Doughnut from Reference Coffee

Just think about that rare, perfect moment sitting outside Reference Coffee with one of these bad boys in hand on a sunny day, maybe with one of their dulce de leche iced lattes in the other hand. It's the sugar rush you know you deserve.

4. The PB&J from Mr Fox

5. All the Seafood from Michael's

Speaking of openings, Michael’s has a baby brother as of tomorrow in the form of Little Mikes - read about it here. Let’s face it, getting to Mount Merrion is a trek from practically anywhere in Dublin, and even though the seafood platter from Michaels is the shining light at the end of the tunnel, there’s now the added bonus of an adjoining wine bar for a pit stop beforehand.