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The Best Places For French Toast In Dublin

Is French Toast even French? Well, kinda. The French did invent it (as pain perdu, or “lost bread”), but it’s not until it hit British shores in the 1600's that French Toast as we know it today got its name. We can never get enough of the good stuff, so to make up for missing Bastille Day on July 14th, we’ve put together some of the best Dublin cafés and restaurants leading the French (Toast) Revolution.

Two Pups Coffee

The toppings change with the seasons, but the guys in Two Pups never fail to deliver incredible looking (and tasting) plates of French toast all year round. Recent takes have included salted-baked pineapple with white chocolate and coriander, and Speculoos with rhubarb.

Five Points

Not being dramatic, but Five Points’ summer French toast is the fix you've been crying out for. Try and nab an outdoor table to soak up some sun, and take your time over these wedges of gooey bread topped with berries and tart lemon curd. Utter vibes.

Brother Hubbard North

When this picture popped up our Instagram feeds we had to take a moment. Brother Hubbard's inspired combination of fluffy brioche French toast with peach compote, peach slices, and a white chocolate mascarpone has monopolised our thoughts ever since.

Déjà Vu

Ever classic, ever totally delicious, Déjà Vu in Malahide's homemade brioche with perfectly crispy bacon and maple syrup is faultless every time, and proves that it if ain't broke, don't even attempt to fix it.


While not a constant feature on the menu, Slice in Stoneybatter regularly serve up French toast specials that are joy in food form. This recent dish with poached rhubarb, walnuts, and berries gave us all the summer feels. Yes, it’s indulgent, but we’re jotting this one down under “Self Care”.

The Cake Café

Not to be outdone by its little sister Slice, The Cake Café’s brunch menu has a weekly French toast special. Head there for coffee in the courtyard, and a stack of toast that will take all your Monday worries away (or at least let you momentarily put off the Sunday fear).

San Lorenzo's

“What did you have for breakfast?” “Oh, just some cereal, with a banana.” You’re not technically lying. The guys at San Lorenzos serve a mash-up of French toast coated in crispy Coco Pops, served with caramelised bananas, peanut butter, mascarpone, and a chocolate drizzle. You won’t want to eat it too often, but you won't forget it in a hurry.


Hungover AF and need to pretend to be a functioning adult sharpish? Grab your biggest sunglasses, a faux-Hermes scarf, and nab a table by the window of Ladurée to do some serious people-watching while sipping tea, and delicately dolloping chantilly cream on dainty slices of French toast.

Did we miss your favourite place for French Toast? Let us know by emailing

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