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Ethiopian Food Comes To Dublin

A few months ago we asked on Instagram stories what cuisines Dublin was missing, and were surprised at the amount of people saying Ethiopian food. Well your dining prayers have been answered, as an Ethiopian supper club is coming to Dublin, complete with marinated lamb, berbere chicken stew and Ethiopian greens, all served on injera (a type of African flatbread).

Mel Roddy is from Ethiopia but has been living in Ireland with his sisters and parents for more than 20 years. They've never had the chance to eat the food from home in restaurants here as nowhere was serving it, and after a trip home last year he decided he wanted to introduce the Ethiopian way dining to Dublin. The supper club is called Gursha, which means 'mouthful', or the act of feeding someone else at the table - a sign of friendship and love. Ethiopian food is generally eaten from a communal plate with four or five people, but you can ask for your own plate if that's not your thing. The injera that the food is served on is used as a plate, and to pick up the various dishes.

Gursha's chefs are two family friends who have also been living here for years, one of whom used to be the chef in the Ethiopian Embassy in Dublin, and the seven course supper club will take place from 7pm on Friday and Saturday nights in Cloud Café on North Strand Road. If it goes well they want to look at opening a permanent site.

Gursha starts on Friday 9th of August and tickets are a ridiculously good value €25, with wines and soft drinks available to buy on the night. Get tickets here.

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