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Where To Eat And Drink In Portobello

Portobello is not just for cans and staring at swans, it’s one of the spots to be in after work when it’s sunny and you’re looking for coffee, food, swans... and cans. There’s a glut of places to eat and drink as well as a long pleasant stroll along the canal, and it’s a good place to spend a lazy afternoon, where filling it with eating and drinking will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something on your day off.


Start off the day in Alma, the new shiny cafe on the block fresh from a glowing review from Catherine Cleary (you can also read our once over here). Alma quickly rose up the hype train and now be prepared to queue a lot of the time. The cafe is family run with large Argentinian influences and you’re going to like everything on the menu.


Up early for weekend brunch? Cross the canal to get to perennially packed Grove Road, who serve brunch all day every day, but whose outside (and inside) tables are permanently in demand. The menu here is of the simple but excellently executed variety, like toasted breakfast sandwiches, and poached eggs on sourdough toast with sun-dried tomato pesto and parmesan


If you still need to feel caffeine coursing through your veins, walk down the road to Brother Hubbard South and have a seat in their front terrace. All of their cakes are baked in house if you need a pick me up, and their iced lattés are almost unbearably photogenic.


Onto the next meal, where we would suggest Bibi's. Hidden behind the houses of Portobello, Bibi’s offers a chance for you to feel like you’re living a more aesthetically pleasing life through the cute pottery you’ll never obtain and the dishes that you’ll never make the effort to cook at home. Go for the Turkish eggs.


After you’ve spent your afternoon pondering life’s meaning by the canal whilst bein