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Some Things We Ate This Week

All the cheese and all the meat at a charity event in Loam, Galway, after a spell-binding day one of Food on the Edge (if you work with food or just consider it a very important part of your life and you're not at this every year what are you doing!) The meat and cheese were from Sheridan's and we were fawning over a massive hunk of Delice de Bourgogne and the Spanish cecina - like Bresaola but 100 times better than any we've had in recent memory. Earthy, funky, floral, does beef-based charcuterie get better than this? - Lisa

Sausage rolls from Pie Man in Temple Bar (left - pork, black pudding and pear) and Greenville Deli (pork, pancetta and fennel) near Tara Street - research for our definitive list of the best sausage rolls in Dublin. It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it. Both good, but Pie Man is riding high at the moment - Helen

A date and apple scone from Avoca in Malahide - also research for our definitive scone list. Always large, always well baked with a good amount of filling, but 45p extra for jam is taking the proverbial. Pro tip - leave the takeaway section and head into the restaurant to score all the free jam you can load on before running back out hoping no one's seen you - Lisa

Porridge from Gertrude. We've long been fans of Gertrude’s porridge with strawberries and homemade Nutella so were sad to see it go, but it’s been replaced with this very autumnal version featuring plum compote, whipped yogurt, cinnamon sugar, and hazelnuts. It’s tasty, but we're hoping the Nutella makes a return - Helen

Fish fingers at Kai, Galway. Food on the Edge also provided a long overdue opportunity to visit Kai, and these fish fingers make a mockery of all others. Bright, flaky fish in a crisp breadcrumb coating with tartare sauce meant many hands were reaching into this bowl - Lisa

Crab on toast at Klaw Temple Bar. A Klaw classic and the crab is always fresh, but €16 felt punchy - Lisa

The Kimcheese burger in Chimac. It was worth braving the waiting list on a rainy bank holiday Friday for this chicken and kimchi fix. Loaded with Ssamjang and cheddar sauce, gochujang mayo, and kimchi it packed just the punch. The prosecco frosé is also the only acceptable way to drink prosecco in 2019 - Helen

A custardo from Bread 41. While popping in for weekend cruffins and coffee one of these crumbly, flaky, creamy custard tarts was shoved into our hands, and it's the nicest we've had in Dublin to date. All hail the custardo - Lisa

Chargrilled lamb with blackberries and elderberries at the Sunday Lunch Roots pop up at McNally Family Farm. OMG levels of flavour and swooning over this one. Read the full Roots once over here.

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