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5 Things We Want To Eat This Week

We don’t want to alarm you, but there’s approximately 90 days left in this decade. Just let that sink in for a minute. 2019 is hurtling past us and we’ve barely eaten any Halloween-appropriate food yet, but let that panic dissipate. We’ve pulled together a list of five things you can eat in Dublin this week that will help you ring in the seasonal change, and make you forget that we’re six months away from summer. 1) Barmbrack From Brother Hubbard North

If there’s anything we love more than a spicy, fruity cake, it’s a spicy, fruity cake in miniature. This one from Brother Hubbard North is adorable and the perfect size to keep you going right through Samhain. You won’t find a ring, but you will find a whiskey buttercream, which is obviously better.

2) Pumpkin Risotto From Delahunt

Poor pumpkin sometimes gets a bad rap in Ireland, where we tend to just see the huge, tasteless varieties used for carving, but it's one of our all time favourite vegetables. This week we have our eyes on this pumpkin risotto from Delahunt on Camden Street who are using sage and hazelnuts to take it to the next level.

3) Apple Tart Tatin From Chapter One

Nothing is more evocative of Halloween than a good game of “bobbing for apples”. Thanks to Chapter One, you can now bob for those apples between buttery layers of pastry and caramel. The puff pastry is spiced, and served with a brown butter ice-cream. Sounds frightfully good.

4) Pumpkin Cappellacci From Host

There was never going to be a list on ATF featuring Halloween-appropriate food without mention of the handmade pumpkin-stuffed cappellacci with sage from Host, was there? Not on our watch.

5) Pumpkin Bread With Maple Butter From Laine, My Love

We can always count on Laine, My Love to bring the big guns and this year one of their many pumpkin based treats is this pumpkin bread with maple salted butter. Beats toast and jam any day.

*BONUS* Something we want to drink

While we don’t normally feature drinks in Five Things We Want to Eat, a pumpkin spice latte wouldn’t raise any eyebrows so we think a pumpkin beer deserves the same treatment. We’re big fans of independent Irish breweries and Trouble Brewing’s special pumpkin beer is sold at various bars throughout Dublin, including The Legal Eagle.