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Where To Eat Pies In Dublin

A few things are apparent from looking at our Instagram feed over the past few weeks - there’s no slow-down with new Dublin restaurant openings, lots of spots are ramping up for Sunday openings in December (Cirillo’s and Bread 41, we see you), and pies are very much en-vogue and on menus. Here are our picks for pies we want to eat this winter, and where to find them.

Potager, Skerries

Potager has been delighting customers and critics since opening during the summer with their 5-course tasting menus, and this pie, stuffed with layers of partridge, foie gras, and sprouts is basically a very fancy Sunday dinner wrapped in buttery pastry.

Spitalfields, The Coombe

At €42, this cock-a-leekie pie from Spitalfields represents a serious investment in both funds and time. To be fair, it is designed for two to share (we hear it would even stretch to three) so it’s best viewed as an investment in your relationship/friendship. Couple goals with a lattice lid.

Brother Hubbard South, Harrington Street

For pie purists, a pot pie with just a lid of pastry may not be kosher, but this version from Brother Hubbard South might change their minds. Basque-style chicken with chorizo and red pepper is the perfect spicy filling to go with flaky, buttery pastry.

Osteria Lucio, Grand Canal Dock

This pie from Osteria Lucio caught our eye because of the unusual cooking method. Caramelised onion is wrapped in puff pastry, and loaded up with a ragu of Irish lamb, and red peppers. Sounds like ideal winter fodder.

The Old Spot, Bath Avenue

One of our go-to spots for comfort food with an edge, The Old Spot’s menu often features warming pies over autumn and winter. This braised beef pithivier served with buttery mash and carrots is just the kind of food we’d love to eat at home, but could never do half as well.

The Legal Eagle, Chancery Place

From Dublin’s home of great food with a 70's twist, The Legal Eagle’s steak and ale pie with mushy marrowfat peas, chips, and gravy is not a meal for the faint-hearted. Team with a Kinnegar Scraggy Bay IPA and maybe don’t plan to do too much heavy-lifting for the rest of the day.