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Where To Eat In Dublin Between Christmas And New Year's

There’s an awful lot of cooking at Christmas time. Whether eating at home or to bring to family and friends, you're probably going to spend a considerable amount of time over the stove (regardless of whether or not you want to). So on those days when it’s not absolutely mandatory to slave away in the kitchen, where’s open to satiate the end of year hunger?

St. Stephen’s Day

If you’re venturing into town on this, the most manic day of the year, you have a few options. Press Up are going gung-ho straight through to New Year's, with Roberta’s in Temple Bar, Layla’s in Ranelagh, Isabelle’s on Hibernian Way and the Stella Cocktail Club all open for business. Dylan McGrath’s Rustic Stone and Fade Street Social will also be ready to welcome you and your plentiful shopping bags with open arms. Alternatively a few of our favourite Asian restaurants are open (because who wouldn’t want post-Christmas dumplings?) along with a sandwich joint you might have a desperate craving for. 

M&L Chinese

For the Henry street shoppers, the institution that is M&L lies just off O’Connell street and is worth the stroll. It’s open all day on the 26th and if ever there was a time to share a hot pot or those green beans, we’d hazard a guess that it’s the day after Christmas feasting. 

Xian Street Food

Another post-Christmas superb Asian alternative is this mainstay off Grafton street. Be prepared to wait at least thirty minutes once your name is on the list, but let’s face it, it’s better than Subway. Xian Street Food opens from 12.

Kathmandu Kitchen

Open from 4pm and potentially just far away enough from the crowds that a table could be nabbed, we’d be into a mid-shop Kathmandu Kitchen lamb rogan josh (if there was any chance of those of us here at ATF leaving bed on the 26th - there isn't).

Happy Out

A toastie by the sea will be an available cure should you need one. The guys in the container with the good goods, great coffee and otherworldly toasted sandwiches are open from 11-4 on the 26th and 10-4 until New Year’s Eve. They also on Christmas Day for a few hours with all proceeds going to charity. Round of applause for Happy Out.

Post-Stephen’s Day

Pretty much everybody is back in business by the 28th, with some operating on half-days or unusual menu offerings in the lead up to a decadent New Year’s Eve. There are however a few places taking a much-deserved break following the festivities - who can blame them - so do check before venturing out to avoid disappointment. 

Soup Ramen: DEC 27, 5pm - 10pm, DEC 28-30, 2pm - 10pm

If it wasn’t already obvious, we love ramen. All the ramen, all the time. Soup in Dun Laoghaire are back open from the 27th and are on our list for a post-Christmas feed because there is no way we’ll ever be able to replicate their ramen in our own kitchen, and won't even be bothering to try.

Craft: DEC 28 - 31, Dinner

Craft re-opens for dinner after the Christmas break with business as usual from the 28th. Should you manage to nab a table (there are some available), we hear tell the pheasant on the Christmas menu is really something.  

Osteria Lucio: DEC 27-31, Dinner

Post-turkey-pasta certainly has a ring to it. Trusty Italian Osteria Lucio in Grand Canal has reservations open from Friday and is just secluded enough to feel like you’re really away from the city’s lunacy, and taxi tussles.

Konkan: DEC 27-31, Dinner

This Leonard’s Corner Indian will see you through the post-Christmas slump. Konkan's (very reasonable) tasting menu gets you a tonne of great, authentic food minus the Camden street price tag.  

Kerb: DEC 27-31, Brunch

Kerb’s first Christmas sees them take a mini break before resuming service with a brunch-y menu and a few new dishes. We’d hazard a guess that a brunch in here between Christmas and New Year's will make you feel way better about yourself than… ahem, McDonald’s.

Wuff: DEC 28-31, Brunch

A solid option for when you’ve run out of ingredients at home and can’t face another trip to Tesco. Wuff re-opens on the 28th and will be dishing out all the eggs and waffles through to the new year.

Mr. Fox: DEC 27-30, Dinner

If you need a warm food hug after a bad familial Christmas encounter or a burnt turkey, there’s reservations available for Mr. Fox on Parnell Square from the 27th. 

Richmond: DEC 27, Dinner. DEC 28/29, Brunch and Dinner.

You’re in capable hands any time you wander into David O’Byrne’s kitchen, but particularly at this time of year. Seasonal eats in abundance and a few reservations left for the last of Richmond’s 2019 service.

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