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5 Things We Want To Eat This Week

Dry January, Veganuary, Ginuary - there’s no shortage of bandwagons to jump on this month. While we’re not big on bandwagons (with the obvious exception of Ginuary), we do love food in all forms, so happily flex between meat-based and veggie/vegan meals, but this week there's been a notable increase in the amount of heart rate increasing meat-free dishes popping up on our Insta feed, so we figured we may as well get involved. 1) Turkish Eggs From Daddy's

Rialto newbie Daddy’s is hot out of the traps with their take on Turkish Eggs, telling us that they’re made in the same way as Peter Gordon’s now closed London restaurant The Providores - Nigella Lawson’s former go-to spot, for the Turkish eggs. Poached eggs with garlicky greek yogurt, melted butter and red pepper flakes are served with toasted sourdough for dippage, and if it’s good enough for Queen Nigella…

2) Waffles From East Village Coffee

Frozen potato waffles were the first widely-available vegetarian meal in Ireland, and we all loved them - mainly because we grew up in 1980's Ireland and didn’t know any better. This version from East Village Coffee in Clondalkin, topped with guacamole, tomato, and a sriracha-laced drizzle of maple syrup look like the adult upgrade we need.

3) Cheese And Potato Cake From The Washerwoman

We could think of worse ways to spend a dark evening than heading to The Washerwoman in Glasnevin for cheddar cheese mixed with potato, breaded, fried, and served on a bed of cabbage with pickled walnut, cauliflower puree, and romanesco. It sounds like the perfect mix of winter warmth with a tease of spring textures, and we’re very ready for it to be spring already.

4) Spinach Dumplings from Little Dumpling

Another new kid and the early buzz online seems to suggest that Little Dumpling is worth checking out. These spinach dumplings with wild mushrooms will be top of our list while we’re there, but we’re also keen to try everything else, including the roast duck xiao long bao (soup dumplings) which have been getting a lot of Insta love recently.

5) The Coronation Chickpea Sandwich From Junior's

We could all do with some added oomph at this time of the year, and Junior’s sandwich of chickpeas in a curried vegan mayo, with spinach, carrot, and pickles on brown bread is the healthy injection of vitamins and colour that our Christmas-ravaged bodies are crying out for.

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