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Kitchen 85 Brings Chinese Roast Meats To Marlborough Street

Kitchen 85, a new Cantonese restaurant specialising in Chinese roast meats and hot pots, has opened on Marlborough Street. It's the latest venture from the team behind M&L Chinese (known for those stir-fried green beans with dried chillies) and The Vintage Teapot, a dumpling and tea shop across the road. Kitchen 85 is just around the corner from both, and owner Angie Wang thinks it's a complimentary experience to M&L - "one a little sweet, and one a lot spicy".

Kitchen 85 has an extensive Cantonese menu, but expect the signatures to be the Chinese roast duck, Char Siu pork, and hot pots for two, three or four people with a choice of over 30 ingredients including razor clams, Chinese yam, lotus root and even pork blood. Other interesting sounding dishes include fried capsicums and eggplant with minced fish, braised duck wing with Chinese mushroom, and whole steamed turbot with chillies and spring onion.

Like sister restaurant M&L, Kitchen 85 is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, and offers €5 corkage on wine, so we're fully expecting this to become another industry favourite. You can follow them on Instagram here, and the website below is due to go live this week.

Kitchen 85

85 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1

Mon - Sun 12:00 - 22:00

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