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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Dublin took another battering this weekend; it was frosty, cold, hostile, and made us quite unsettled. Yes, we’re talking about the election. What's going to happen next is anyone's guess, but we don’t think anyone is sad to see the back of the campaign cheese fest. If your first thought on reading that was “mmmmh… cheese fest”, we have just the thing to focus your attention back on the important things in life - like pizza. Here's 5 we're salivating over this week.

1) The Portobello From Pi

We’re kicking off with a controversial one - a pizza bianca. What this pie from Pi lacks in crushed tomato it more than makes up for in toppings. In fact, it’s almost hard to see the cheese under all that but trust us, it’s bursting with Grana Padano, Taleggio (the best of all the pizza cheeses - fact), spinach, all the shrooms (portobello and pickled shimeji), and lots of fresh herbs. Completely gets our vote.

2) The Pepperoni From 30 Church Street

While 30 Church Street serve steak and seafood, it’s their wood-fired pizza that people keep telling us about. Based in what used to be Boqueria overlooking St. Mary’s Abbey (and graveyard!) and Howth harbour, the view looks as good as the pizza. On Wednesday nights a pizza and a glass of house wine is €15 which is the only economic policy we need to know about.

3) Mortadella Focaccia From Uno

Bear with us here. While this isn’t technically a pizza, it’s a focaccia base from funky Uno Pizza in Rathmines draped with slices of pistachioed mortadella. For €1 extra, you can add mozzarella so we’ve decided that secures its spot on our pizza ballot.

4) The Margherita from Forge Wood Fired Pizza

Originating in Castlegregory, Forge Wood Fired Pizza hits the M7 each week and opens as a pop-up in Churchtown Stores, the hardware store-turned-pub in Rathmines, from 5pm every Wednesday to Sunday. Some of the best things in this country start in Kerry and end up in Dublin, and we can’t even bring ourselves to making an election-based joke about that just yet. The menu's a little too similar to Pi's for our liking, but reports are very good.

5) Speck And Three Cheese Pizza From Sano

We promised you cheese, and unlike some of our newly-elected representatives we always keep our promises. Sano in Temple Bar (and possibly a second location coming to D’Olier Street soon, more when we have it) posted this to Instagram lately and it’s basically all the cheese (mozzarella, taleggio, AND stracciatella) with speck and hazelnuts. We’d prefer to see this on every lamppost in the city.

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