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Where To Find The Best Porridge In Dublin

Exciting news - porridge is back. Alright it never went away, but the breakfast staple is experiencing a resurgence on Dublin menus that’s elevating it from a safe and cheap add-on to the star of its very own morning show. Here’s where to find the most colourful and flavour-packed bowls in the city right now, perfect for warming you up on a damp, blustery Winter morning.

1) Eathos, Baggot Street

One of our go-to spots when we need a bit of colour in our lives, Eathos’ porridge is pleasingly heavy on the toppings. They vary depending on the seasons, but options like coconut and mango curd, grains, honey, pistachio butter, bananas, almonds, and berries will keep you feeling happy and full well into the afternoon.

2) Lolly and Cooks

While the offering can vary a little between locations (and it's not available at all from the kiosk in George’s Street Arcade last time we checked), the porridge from Lolly and Cooks is consistently good, and comes with warming toppings like stewed apple, granola, and Greek yogurt. It almost makes foregoing their cheddar and bacon morning muffins that little bit easier.

3) Grove Road, Rathmines

Decision, decisions. Yes, you could go for Grove Road’s toasted breakfast sandwich (sausage, bacon, fried egg, and tomato relish on toasted sourdough) but you’re going to be able to manage to eat like that what - three, four mornings a week tops? When you need to keep it a bit healthier, the porridge here will make sure you feel like you’re not missing out. Toppings include berries with banana, apple, honey, cinnamon, and seeds, or stewed pear, walnuts, and orange zest.

4) Honey Truffle, Pearse Street

Perfect if you’re grabbing breakfast to go between the train and your desk, Honey Truffle's porridge is made with organic oats from Ballybrado farm in Cahir, Co. Tipperary, and is topped with apple, pear, and hazelnuts.

5) Cocu, Baggot Street

Cocu offers porridge to suit whatever mood you’re in, thanks to a long list of add-ons to completely customise your bowl. Sweeten it with agave or fruit compote, then go wild with dried fruits, berries, granola and nut butters.

6) Póg, Tara Street & Batchelor's Walk

The team at Póg seem to be able to make any dish look like a Pollock painting and even humble porridge gets the treatment. Sure, it may be tempting to opt for an acai bowl or a stack of their famous pancake, but let’s not lose the run of ourselves altogether.

7) Slice, Stoneybatter

Resist the cakes at Slice and go for porridge made with oat milk and topped with peanut butter, seasonal fruits, berries and apple syrup. Warm, filling, and basically feels like having dessert for breakfast - winner.

8) Gertrude, Pearse Street

Our favourite thing about porridge is seeing how toppings vary through the seasons. Gertrude has consistently been on top of their porridge game bringing us house made Nutella with strawberries and lemon balm, then plum compote with yogurt and hazelnuts, and now this new addition with walnut praline, blood orange segments and blood orange syrup - basically all of our favourite things.

9) Tang, Abbey Street

Nobody will argue that porridge is difficult to make at home, so in order to feel like it’s worth splashing the cash for a bowl from a café you like to feel like you’re getting something that’s better than what you’d whip up in your own kitchen. Step forward Tang, where the bowls are big and packed with toppings like blood orange, granola, fruit, and what may be the best honey nut butter we’ve ever had.

10) Lilliput Stores, Stoneybatter

A wholesome winter warmer from Lilliput Stores, this bowl of porridge made with coconut milk is topped with flax seeds and blackcurrant jam. Classic breakfast in classic surroundings.

11) Two Boys Brew, Phibsboro

The porridge from Two Boys Brew is big, bold, and very customisable. Slow-cooked in oat milk, you can add three toppings from a line-up of date caramel (which is a mandatory addition as far as we’re concerned), fruits, berries, stewed apples, almond butter, seed mix and yogurt.

12) Laine, My Love, Talbot Street

Laine, My Love’s porridge can brighten up even the darkest of days, mainly thanks to how bright the tart fruit compote piled on top is, while the flaked almonds add crunch.

13) As One, City Quay

As we’d expect from As One, a café with wellbeing at its core, their porridge is healthy and hearty combining organic oats with oat milk, grains, caramelised banana, seasonal fruits, and optional dark chocolate or almond butter.

14) Alma, Portobello

Like so many of the dishes coming out of the kitchen in Alma you can feel the love in this one. Theirs comes with blueberry compote, seasonal fruits, and toasted almonds - a hug in a bowl. Pro-tip: ask nicely and you might just find that some of that homemade dulce de leche (of pancake and tostada fame) can be added on top.

15) The Ppperpot Café, Powerscourt Townhouse

While savoury porridge isn’t a new concept (let us never forget Heston Blumenthal’s snail version), it’s not one we see too often in Dublin. Congee, a traditional Chinese breakfast dish that’s like a savoury rice porridge flavoured with meat or fish, can be found in some restaurants like Ka Shing and Good World, or head over to The Pepperpot Café in Powerscourt Town Centre for savoury porridge made with oats and topped with mushrooms, sautéed leeks, and a poached egg. While on the board as a special recently, they’re considering adding a seasonal savoury porridge as a menu staple.

Do you have a porridge spot that can beat these? Let us know by emailing

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