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5 Things We Want To Cook This Week

You can take the chef out of the kitchen, but you can fully expect them to start a #covidcooking series on Instagram, where you will be notified every 10 minutes that someone else is "going live". You may or may not be into this, but either way we've picked some of the best recipes we've seen the city's chefs post this week, all of which we're eager to recreate.

1) Darren Hogarty's Blueberry, Raspberry and Vanilla Puff Pastries

Chapter One's pasty chef Darren Hogarty posted Instagram stories of how to make these puff pastries last week and we can think of little else since. They look surprisingly easy to master (big thanks to shop bought pastry) and look as impressive as something from a Parisian boulangerie. We've got this on the list for the next time we can have friends or family around for breakfast - and what a breakfast it will be. Find the instructions in his highlights.

2) Grano's Spicy Polpette

We've loved Grano's meatballs with nduja since they opened so were very happy to see they parted ways with the recipe for the Irish Times. Half pork, half beef, all spicy deliciousness. Find the recipe here, and IGTV's of other classic Grano dishes on their Instagram page.

3) Picado Mexican's Salsa Maduro

Picado Mexican's Lily Ramirez-Foran says her recipe for salsa maduro, one of her signature dishes, has been in her family for generations. Although this type of thing is usually kept secret in Mexican families, she decided to share it with her followers due to the unprecedented times we're living in, and you can get in on the salsa action here.

4) 147 Deli's Smash Burgers

The general consensus at the moment seems to be if you haven't made sourdough, banana bread and smash burgers you're not doing lockdown right. If you feel like having a go at the latter we'd suggest heading over to 147 Deli's Instagram highlights for what looks like the only recipe you'll need.

5) Holly Dalton's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Holly Dalton (Bobby's wine bar, formerly Gertrude) calls this her "all time favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe", and if that's not enough to have you digging out the flour, butter and sugar, what is. If you fancy trying them you'll find the recipe on her Instagram page.

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