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Allta Launches The 'Allta Box' For Home Delivery

Allta, Niall Davidson's city centre wine bar and restaurant, barely had four months of trading pre-lockdown, but the buzz was showing no sign of slowing down, so we're sure a lot of people will be very excited to hear that from midday today you can order an 'Allta box' for delivery, and have their charcuterie and pastas at home - and yes, the shiitake miso butter is included.

It's a weekly subscription service that you can sign up to for a set period or on an ongoing basis, and it's €55 per box, which they say will feed two hungry people very generously. The contents of a typical 'provisions' box will include sourdough and shiitake miso butter, ventricina and McNally farm pickles, two pastas like Comeragh mountain lamb with seaweed pappardelle and Cáis ná Tíre, and broccoli sopressini with pumpkin seaweed miso and gemolata, and two desserts like Velvet Cloud sheep's yoghurt mousse with Ryan's rhubarb jelly, and pecan and oat cookie dough.

Davidson says they think that Allta's bold flavours are better suited to a home delivery service involving a bit of "gentle cooking" rather than takeaway, and means that diners can choose how and when to eat the contents - whether that's all in one go or spread over a few days.

The first Allta boxes go on sale at midday today and on each Saturday at the same time (for the duration of lockdown anyway), and will be delivered the following Thursday or Friday. They deliver nationwide and you can also buy it as a gift. There's only 100 boxes up for grabs each week so set your alarms to log onto at 12pm if you want a piece of the action.

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