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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Like us, we’re sure you don’t want to needlessly over-complicate your life, but if the last four months have been an incoherent mess of work, home, parenting, and trying to stay sane, you might want to restore a bit of order. Here’s our list of 5 thing we want to eat this week, featuring sweet foods in comforting orderly layers to help you pretend that you’ve got everything under control.

1) Alfajores From Gordita's

If you’re not familiar with alfajores, you need to sort that ASAP. South-American in origin, crumbly short-bread style cookies are sandwiched together around a thick layer of dulce de leche and often coated in other loveliness such as coconut, chocolate, or a crispy meringue shell. Gordita’s are currently selling online through their Instagram page, but we’ve also spotted them in Olive’s in Skerries.

2) Vegannetta From Token

Vienetta truly was the queen of 80’s desserts (unless you were really posh and had Romantica), and we still hold the mint version very close to our hearts, and freezers. Token on Queen Street have created their vegan and gluten-free take on our childhood favourite with chocolate, candied walnuts, and a spiced rum chocolate ganache, and we want.

3) Hazelnut Croissant from Medialuna Croissanterie

Unfortunately, we might have to wait until after this week for Medialuna Croissanterie to open for orders near Merrion Square, but they’ve been seriously teasing us on their Instagram page and we’re refreshing at an alarming rate to see when we can get our hands on the flaky pastry goods. Top of the list will be this crunchy croissant with a Nutella cream, hazelnut praline, and coconut flakes. Just. Look. At. Those. Layers.

4) The Cardi B from No Messin' Bakery

In the middle of such a turbulent time for so many Irish food businesses, we’re thrilled to see yet another new addition. No Messin’ Bakery, which describes itself as “the buttery lovechild of Proper Order Coffee Co” (everyone’s favourite kind of child) sells a range of freshly baked cookies, buns, and tarts from Proper Order in Smithfield, and focuses on using the very best of Irish ingredients. The Cardi B. (because what else would you call a cardamom bun in 2020) is made from layers of soft brioche infused with cardamom, laminated with cardamom butter, and then glazed with a cardamom syrup. We've already tried it, and we want more.

5) Cookies From Batch Cookies

Let’s face it, cookies are the original layered food because it’s not like you’re going to eat just one, so save time and grab a stack. Taking orders through Instagram, and also available from Happy Out, Batch Cookies make huge cookies with a serious chocolate to biscuit ratio. Keep an eye out for the ice-cream cookie sandwich, for even more layerage.

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