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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Remember the things we used to believe? We believed our employers when they said we had to be in the office eight hours a day to get any work done, we believed our landlords when they said they had to put rents up because there was a shortage of housing, not because they could make more money on short-term lets, and we believed that the only good food in jars was available in places like Spain and Italy, which made a mockery of our shelves stacked with Dolmio. But how times have changed, and so have our jars. Here are five we want to stock our pantries with this week..

1) Rhubarb and Raspberry Curd from The Cupcake Bloke

f there was a fruity beauty competition, this jar would be wearing a bikini and telling us about how it longs for world peace. Raspberries, rhubarb, free-range eggs, and Irish butter are packed into this beautiful pink curd from The Cupcake Bloke, available for a limited time only.

2) The BBQ Sauce Collection from Chimac

Oh Chimac, you do spoil us. These mega 500ml bottles of their famous K-BBQ, Korean Hot Sauce, and Sriracha Caramel pack a serious punch, and the quantity means you can pretty much add them to everything. We’re currently working our way through the sriracha caramel and it is just as amazing as it sounds.

3) Dulce de Leche from ALMA

Yes, we love ALMA for their range of salads and sandwiches, but can never resist the pancakes and banana bread, mainly due to the fact that they’re bathed in homemade dulce de leche. It’s now available to buy by the jar and unsurprisingly proving to be a best seller. Get more than you need to allow for all those times that you’re going to dip a spoon into the jar as you pass the fridge.

4) The Alabama White BBQ Sauce from Fowl Play

We were delighted to see that Fowl Play now sell their house BBQ rub and hot sauce to go, but the one we’re most excited about is the more unusual Alabama white barbecue sauce - a tangy marinade or dip with mayonnaise, vinegar and horseradish, that's amazing on chicken wings, barbecued meats and veggies.

5) Strawberry Red Chili Hot Sauce from Fia

We’re big fans of sweet and spicy combos but haven’t had a strawberry and chili fermented sauce before, so we’re really keen to remedy that with a trip to Fia. They’re also selling their house made peanut butter and we’re convinced that both together on toast could be a ticket to success.