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Dublin's Best Cookie Sandwiches

Whisper “cookie sandwich” into the ear of anyone raised in 80's/90's Ireland and they’ll immediately do one of three things - i) step away from you because you’re being creepy, ii) correct “cookie” to “biscuit” while accusing you of having notions, and iii) instantly think back to summer afternoons spent cementing Digestives together with butter. Good times. Thankfully Dublin has seriously upped its cookie sandwich offerings if you’re looking for the ultimate in portable snacks (and we always are).

Mud Bakery's Cheesecake Cookie Sandwiches from Griolladh

If you’re like us, you couldn’t have made it through lockdown without regular deliveries from Mud Bakery. While enough suppliers have now reopened (yaaah!) to no longer merit home deliveries (booo...) we will look back on our time spent working from home fuelled by a stack of Mud Bakery cookies with fondness. In what some (okay we) are calling *the collaboration of the year*, they’ve teamed up with Griolladh, the grilled cheese toastie truck in Malahide, to offer cheesecake cookie sandwiches in two flavours - dark chocolate with pecan, or white chocolate with cranberry - and we're not sure we've ever seen anything more beautiful.

Nutella Cookie Sandwich From Queen Of Tarts

Bringing out the cookie monsters in all of us, these new offerings from Queen of Tarts are packed full of hazelnuts and chocolate. Us sitting alone in our garden eating a stack of these is classed as a picnic, yes?

Rice Krispie Ice-Cream Sandwiches from Three Twenty Ice-Cream Lab

For something a little different, Three Twenty’s ice-cream sandwich doesn’t use traditional cookies, but two chewy Rice Krispie marshmallow rectangles to corral the homemade ice-cream. The trick is to eat it fast enough to avoid marshmallow fingers.

Chimac's Cornflake Ice-Cream Sandwiches

The OG of Dublin ice-cream cookie combos, this one from Chimac is pretty much a meal in its own right thanks to two huge malted Cornflake cookies surrounding a generous helping of chocolate chip ice-cream. We would highly recommend grabbing a few to bring home as they keep really well in the freezer. Sure, your neighbours may have secure pensionable jobs unaffected by a global pandemic,but do they have unfettered access to some of the best cookie sandwiches in town? Nope. Sucks to be them...

Storyboard's Ice-Cream Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

We’ve never encountered a situation that couldn’t be improved with the addition of ice-cream to chocolate chip cookies and now, thanks to Storyboard, we now don’t have to worry about that happening.

Tahini Cookie Ice-Cream Sandwich from Two Pups Coffee

They had us drooling when they first made an appearance in Two Pups Coffee a few weeks ago, and the great news is that they’re back in-café from September 2nd. Homemade strawberry ice-cream sandwiched by two tahini cookies with white chocolate and sesame seeds make this one of the best flavour combos we’ve seen.

Bujo's Double Chocolate Ice-Cream Sandwich

Life is all about balance. Ying and yang, hot and cold, burgers and ice-cream. If you’re going to click and collect your dinner from Bujo, you may as well get an ice-cream sandwich for the drive home, if only to rebalance your cookie chakra. Double chocolate and white chocolate chip versions are available.