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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Looking for Dublin eating inspiration this week? Here's five things on menus right now that we can't stop thinking about...

1) Suppli al Telefono Cacio e Pepe

Just when you couldn't love cacio e pepe any more, Stoneybatter Italian Grano take it, roll it around in breadcrumbs with some rice and deep fry it.

2) Watermelon Pizza From Fade Street Social

While calling this 'pizza' is a bit of a stretch, we're still interested in trying these watermelon triangles topped with feta cheese, kalamata olives, herbs and smoked olive oil from Fade Street Social. Before our actual pizza comes.

3) Chicken Fried Rice And A Cocktail Bucket From Happy Endings

Happy Endings on Aston Quay have just added two new things to the menu - Gai Yang (Thai) chicken fried rice and a three-litre bucket of Japanese Iced Tea, with vodka, gin, Midori, cucumber, apple & kiwi. What a pairing.

4) Duck Confit Topped Chips From Brasserie Sixty6

Topped chips are everywhere we look right now, but these triple cooked ones from Brasserie Sixty6 with malt vinegar, sticky duck confit, cheddar cheese, chives and spring onion are hovering around the top of our loaded chip list.

5) Amarena Cherry & Almond Frangipane Italian Doughnut From Back To Dine

Back To Dine's menu is now available to eat in San Lorenzo's or as the original take home box, and we'd be tempted to orderly it solely for this Amarena cherry and almond frangipane Italian doughnut filled with Diplomat cream that they give you for the morning after.


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