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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Toto, we're not in salad territory anymore. We're in duck confit onions rings, cheese sticks and truffle polenta territory. We always forget how much we like Autumn until dishes like these roll around again. Here's what we really want to eat in Dublin this week...

1) Confit Duck Stuffed Onion Rings From Soup

We shared these on Instagram during the week but they need to be immortalised in print. Soup in Dun Laoghaire are stuffing onion rings with confit duck, and serving them with manchego cheese velouté and black truffled honey. It's not often we're speechless when it comes to food but we're just going to let this one breathe...

2) Roman Pizza From Pala

Rory Shannon from Foxrock's Bistro One opens his new outdoor, Roman-style pizzeria Pala this Saturday, and the opening menu features a margherita, a classic hot pepperoni, and this classic bianca topped with stracciatell and mortadella. Everything is sold by the slice and we're expecting it to be as good as the rest of Shannon's food.

3) Halloumi Cheese Sticks From Umi

We often think of Umi Falafel as somewhere you happily eat vegan without even realising it, so our eyes widened when we saw these breaded halloumi cheese sticks with a mango sauce. What's a bit of oozy, melting cheese between plant-loving friends.

4) Kale, Onion & Potato Fritters From Street By Sunil

When walking around in Autumn, you should always have some warm food in your hands. That's where the kale, onion and potato fritters from Street By Sunil's street food menu come in. Dusted with spice mix and gram flour before being deep-fried, you can use them to warm your hands, or your insides.

5) Andarl Farm Pork With Truffle Polenta At Oliveto

Oliveto in Dun Laoghaire have just released their new Autumn menu and the star of the show is this slab of Andarl Farm pork with truffle polenta, roasted celeriac and a pine cone syrup glaze. It's hearty, it's sexy, it's piney. It's Autumn.


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