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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Struggling with the reality of having to dig out the hat and full-length puffa? Resisting the urge to turn the heating on full blast? There's one good thing about the turning of the seasons - many of our favourite restaurants are updating their menus with brand new creations. Here are the five things we most want to eat this week to distract us from the diminishing grand old stretch...

1) Beef Rib Melt, 147 Deli

We've never met a 147 Deli sandwich special we didn’t like. We were gone from the teasers of bone marrow laced chimichurri and the progress pictures of short ribs destined for a red-wine slow braise. They’ve promised the final result will have the texture of butter, and we're happy to take one for the team and put that to the test.

2) Wagyu Steak Frites, Mister S

Mister S can do no wrong can they. Their latest special, served only on Fridays, is the antidote we needed to the dreaded cost of living crisis. Wagyu steak from Cork with crispy frites cooked over fire, for the bargain price of €19 - what a way to start the weekend. Supply is limited to approximately 20 each week so don't hang about.

3) Chocolate, Hazelnut & Coffee Tart, Urbanity

Urbanity’s latest cake creation is here to remind us chocolate and hazelnut should not just be saved for Nutella. This tart has the prettiest piping of milk chocolate cremeaux along with a hazelnut financier base and a dark chocolate and coffee ganache, and looks like it would be the ultimate pick me up alongside their speciality roasted coffee.

4) Grilled Scallops with Caviar and Ponzu, Hang Dai

Seafood might not jump to mind when we think of Hang Dai, but these hand-dived scallops cooked over fire with with caviar, ponzu and butter, look like competition for their signature duck . This may be the only place in Dublin serving caviar with a side of house music and disco lights when the restaurant transforms after dark.

5) Bombay Party Bowl, Sprout

The recipe video for Sprout's new Bombay Party bowl has so much going on. It looks to be jam-packed with chaat potatoes, tangy tamarind yoghurt, pickled chilis, and okra - something you don’t see in your average salad. Off the back of this salad, they’ve also launched the chaat potatoes as a side, served with the yoghurt dressing as a dipping sauce, and we never say no to extra spuds.


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