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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Coq au Vin pie, a new Sunday roast, and green ice-cream sandwiches. Here are the 5 things we most want to eat in Dublin this week...

1) Coq au Vin Pie, Note

We can't stop clicking back to this Coq au Vin Jaune pie for two from Note, which we hope tastes as good as it looks. Red label Bresse chicken is cooked in a Vin Jaune sauce, then encrusted in flaky shortcrust. It's on their current Bistro menu, but numbers each week are limited.

2) Everything, AA Caribbean

After a successful few weeks AA Caribbean are extending their pop up at Bow Lane, and we want to eat everything on the menu, especially the chargrilled gambas in pepper sauce, jerk chicken, and Jamaican patties. They open Fridays and Saturdays from 5-9pm, and you can book online or walk in.

3) Sunday Roast, Lotties

The gap for good Sunday roasts in Dublin is wide, so we're happy see Lottie's joining the offering with a Sunday roast served from 1pm - 7pm. Their Andarl Farm pork neck comes with wild garlic and sauce vierge, and adding on roast potatoes with garlic butter & parmesan is reccomended.

4) Caramel-Stuffed Brownie, Brew Lab

Newly opened Brew Lab, between Aungier and Wexford Street, opened a few weeks ago with a focus on speciality coffee from two award-winning baristas, and they've also got good taste in cake too. Mud Bakery's caramel-filled, blow-torched meringue topped brownies were a highlight of many a lockdown for us, and this post brought all those feelings flooding back.

5) The Shammie Ice-Cream Sammie, Chimac

If you managed to avoid town and all the green-themed food, you've got about a week left to get your hands on a "shammie ice-cream sammie" from Chimac. Crème de menthe ice cream, dark double chocolate chip cookies and a malty salty milk crumb make for the post-Paddy's Day dessert we can't stop thinking about.


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