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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

A NYC Jewish deli classic, seasonal pasta with sea views, and a tangy salad to cut through the bad weather and inspire hopes of an Indian summer. Here are five things we want on our plates in Dublin this week...

1) Courgette and ricotta agnolotti with piquillo peppers, Oliveto

Courgette season is drawing to a close but there's still a bit of life left in summer 2023 (hopefully). We reckon this Piedmontese classic with sweet piquillo peppers and fiery Calabrian chillies would be the perfect accompaniment to the view from Oliveto’s window seats overlooking Dun Laoghaire’s East Pier.

2) Chicken karaage bowl, Orani

Orani have opened up in the last few weeks in Blanchardstown and we're itching to get out there after seeing some of their recent Instagram posts. The Filipino-owned, European/Asian café has been doing a lot of specials, but this chicken karaage bowl jumped out at us. Karaage uses potato starch instead of flour, treating you to the taste of both fried chicken and French fries in one bite.

3) "Be Tangy" summer salad, Big Fan

The chefs in Big Fan are providing a much needed public service with their new "Be Tangy" salad. The tang and zip seem designed to perk up even the dullest Dublin diner and give them hope that a few more weeks of sunshine are just around the corner.

4) Pastrami sandwich, Fairmental

Perhaps slightly heavy fare given the temperatures at the moment, but New Yorkers have never let that get in the way of consuming the sandwich synonymous with the city, so why should we. It comes with the signature Fairmental flourish, with the addition of their own sauerkraut and the traditional pickles on the side.

5) Tuna tartar, The Pierhouse

This light yet punchy dish of tuna tartar, cut with the unusual addition of pickled melon, is the excuse you need for a trip to The Pierhouse on Howth's West Pier. Sometimes traditional fish and chips is the path you want to take, but this looks like exactly what a dreary (or sunny) August day needs.

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