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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

An Irish spin on a New York classic, a sweet Spanish sandwich, and a soup we'd sip whatever the weather. Put on your togs and dive (face first) into the five things we most want to eat in Dublin this week...

1) Prawn bisque, Lottie's

Soup season is here and yes, of course we're going to shout about it. Lottie's are getting the ball rolling on the bisque front with a gorgeous looking bowl of liquid comfort served with toasted sourdough and house-made butter - ideally enjoyed on a cold wet day in their cosy Rathmines restaurant.

2) Italian sausage benedict, 31 Lennox

There are a multitude of variations of eggs benedict; eggs royale, eggs Florentine, eggs sardou - we could go on. However, 31 Lennox have conjured up something new to us and we very much like the look of it. Italian sausage, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce sound like a perfect excuse for a brunch excursion to Portobello.

3) Gorgonzola dolce, caramelised onion, spinach and walnut pizza, Little Forest

Little Forest continue to sustain their reputation for slinging some of the most beautiful pies in the city. Blackrock locals are spoiled for choice in a number of cuisines, but if you're in the mood for pizza there's only one choice and it's a no-brainer, especially with this Gorgonzola dolce, caramelised onion, spinach and walnut pie on the go.

4) Irish Angus beef meatball sandwich, The Woollen Mills

In the summer of 2022 we watched the first season of The Bear and fell in love with the Italian beef sandwiches Carmy served out of The Original Beef of Chicagoland. Ever since, we've been lamenting the lack of proper, filthily indulgent sandwiches in Dublin, and the crew in the kitchen at The Woolen Mills clearly harboured similar feelings. This stunner of a sandwich goes someway towards remedying things with meatballs, tomato sauce, jalapeños, cheddar and rocket, all tucked into a crusty roll.

5) Sándwich de chocolate, La Gordita

The food in La Gordita and a lot of Spanish cuisine in general is focused on sharing plates. This dish however, definitely requires a break in tradition. The chocolate sandwich from their current menu, bookended with crisp pastry, would be equally well enjoyed as a solo endeavour on one of the intimate bar seats, as it would be in a larger group, where it would be the envy of anyone who chose anything else.


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