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5 things we want to eat in Dublin this week

An old school sherry, a once a year truffle brie, and a Greek classic are all calling our names this week...

1) Sherry Trifle, The Pig's Ear

Does it get any more old school than a sherry trifle, the marmite of desserts? The Pig's Ear have made a bold move featuring the Christmassy classic on their menu, seen as they're synonymous with grannies and ladies named Vera, but we'd much rather eat one made by a professional - our Grannies never made them this pretty.

2) Shrimp Saganaki, Shouk

We adore Shouk, and it's not every day they get a new menu item. Warm up with their newest dish - slow cooked shrimp in a Mediterranean tomato sauce with hints of anise and Bulgarian cheese, flamed in their woodfired oven and served with freshly baked bread made in house.

3) Pumpkin Risotto, Note

We're still in our pumpkin era, and this pumpkin risotto with taleggio and sage looks like the perfect wintery plate to cosy up with at Note. Grab a seat at the bar, order a glass of La Palazzina's Nebbiolo, and forget about all the Christmas presents you still have to buy.

4) Dongé Truffle Brie, Sheridan's

Sheridan's once a year Dongé truffle brie has landed, and what is Christmas if not fresh St. Jean black truffles from Burgundy sandwiched between layers of creamy young brie and double cream cheese. Ripened in the Cousances-les-Triconville cellars of the Dongé family, this should take pride of place on your Christmas cheese board.

5) Caramel Tart, Daddy's Cafe

December is the month of indulgence, and this caramel tart from Daddy's is the sweet treat you don't need, but will want. It's layered with a thick dulce de leche and topped with a crumbly coconut sponge - in for a penny and all that.


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