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5 things we want to eat in Dublin this week

A Carlingford oyster topped with jalapeño and elderflower, a wagyu smash burger lunch club, and a very pretty plate of Aran Island crab - here's the dishes we desperately want to eat in Dublin this week...

1) Wagyu smash burger, Bootleg

Bootleg on Drury Street have just launched the "Cheeky Lunch Club", which runs Wednesdays to Sundays from 12:00 - 16:00. Each day they'll serve a different dish with house salad and olive oil fries for €15. For an extra fiver they'll throw in a glass of wine. This Sunday wagyu smash burger looks like it's off to a great start - we were big fans of the slider version. Read our once over here.

2) Aran Island crab, Woodruff

The latest starter to be added to Woodruff in Stepaside's menu is this beyond gorgeous looking Aran Island crab, served with brown crab cannelloni, magnolia, black lime and three cornered leek. Yes Stepaside might be a trek for a lot of people, but look at the reward you'll get.

3) Rings Farm chicken with porcini hollandaise, Hawksmoor

We love this spotlight on Hawksmoor's organic chicken main, which comes from Rings Farm in Kilkenny, where chicken welfare is taken very seriously. The birds are reared outdoors and are given the chance to mature for twice as long as the average, resulting in bigger, happier fowl. Back at the restaurant, they roast and serve it with a porcini hollandaise or whatever sauce you'd like, and we reckon we could skip a steak for this one.

4) Carlingford oyster with jalapeño and elderflower, Lottie's

We love a salty, shellfish snack, and this Carlingford oyster at Lottie's is sure to hit all the points on the tongue map, like a pinball pinging towards the exit. Topped with cucumber, jalapeño granita, and elderflower liqueur, this sweet, spicy, and salty combo looks like it would knock the socks off ya.

5) Scallion pancake quesadilla, Fuppin Delish

Fuppin Delish are the husband and wife team cooking Mexican food out of Humphrey's pub in Ranelagh, and this week's loaded scallion pancake quesadilla topped with chipotle mayo, fresh coriander, and that ever important squeeze of lime had us racing to the fridge for anything that would come close. Nothing did, and if it's the same in your house you can find them there from Tuesday - Sunday.