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La Gordita Opens Today

La Gordita, the new tapas bar from the owners of Las Tapas de Lola opens today, 10 years after their big sibling stormed onto the Dublin food scene (who remembers the month long waits to get a table?). The second restaurant from owners Anna Cabrera and Vanessa Murphy (whose name means 'little fat one') is aiming to be more casual than the original, with bodega-style food and drinks, and barrels outside to stand around sipping sherry alongside a plate of Jamón Ibérico.

The menu is made up of 'Pica-Pica' (nibbles), 'Entrantes' (small plates), and 'Segundos' (the main deal), as well as sides, desserts and cheese. For those with deep pockets you can order organic Spanish caviar with potato crisps and crème fraiche for €65, or snack on gildas (€3.75), boquerones (€10), or Mojama - Almadraba cured tuna from Cádiz with almonds (€12.50).

Small plates include deep-fried aubergine with sugar cane honey; lamb sweetbreads; and a tortilla of the day, while larger plates include grilled octopus tentacles with romesco and potatoes, and fried lobster with potatoes, padrón peppers and fried eggs.

There's plenty of interesting bottles to drink on the wine list too with seven sherries by the glass (mostly from Lustau), and wines from superstar Spanish producers Raventos, Raul Perez, and Commando G.

La Gordita opens Wednesday - Friday from 17:00, and Saturday - Sunday from 13:00. Bookings are now live on their website.

La Gordita

6 Montague Street, Dublin 2


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