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Some Things We Ate This Week

A trip last weekend to Stepaside on the Wicklow border led to the discovery of what has to be some of the best charcuterie on the island right now. Woodruff has been on our bucket list for an age, partly due to their stunning Instagram feed featuring all the things we want to eat, and a takeaway stop only made us want to visit more once they're back open. The croquettes and sausage rolls were things of beauty, as were the butternut squash cannoli filled with ricotta, but the charcuterie, with coppa, air-dried lamb, strip loin bresaola and beef salami is 100% worth the drive, if the best Spanish jamons and Italian prosciuttos get you excited - Lisa

An Edible Coffee Cup

Bold and Brass, the coffee trailer operating out of the car park of a GAA club on the Clontarf Road piqued our interest this week when they announced the arrival of Better Me edible cups. Putting them to the test with a cappuccino and an espresso, they held up perfectly well with no sign of the cup going at all soggy. Witchcraft. The taste is somewhere between a very plain, unsweetened ice-cream wafer, and off-brand Shredded Wheat. We did find it got a bit too much after a few bites so it’ll never replace a pastry, but a handy one when you don’t have a reusable cup with you and you’re happy to spend a little extra to avoid adding to landfill - Helen

Granola Bowls & Breakfast Burritos At Fable + Stey

We went to Fable + Stey in Blackrock in search of pastries and were gutted they had none left, but luckily their cacao granola with yoghurt and rhubarb and breakfast burrito helped to soften the blow. The burrito was packed with avocado, eggs, chilli beans, brown rice, lime and chorizo and a good job of eliminating the memory of all the substandard ones we endured in the noughties - Lisa

Mezze Plate from Lebanese Tapas in Blackrock Market

Tucked away in Blackrock Market is a little Lebanese kitchen selling tapas style dishes and coffee. We went for the mezze plate which was packed with hummus, tabbouleh, baba ganoush, stuffed vine leaves, and possibly the best falafel we’ve had in Dublin. All of that was €10 and we added on Halloumi for €2 because frankly it would have been criminal not to - Helen

Crab Pasta From Michael's

Michael's has long been our special occasion restaurant, so even in a lockdown we find ourselves craving the fresh seafood in the generous portions that only Gaz Smith seems to be able to provide for every birthday/anniversary/Friday. The Michaels' pasta and seafood kits are available at Higgins' Butchers in Sutton, Michael's in Mount Merrion and Greenman Wines in Terenure, and are worth every penny. As fresh as it gets and ready in around 5 minutes - Lisa

Takeaway From Big Fan Bao

While the demand for Big Fan Bao kits is pretty immense, some of us are lucky to live within their Deliveroo delivery area and can confirm that the food travels really well. Standouts were the sweet and sour prawn toast, Taiwanese chicken, and the incredible wonton crackers with salsa and parmesan cheese.


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