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Where To Eat Tacos In Dublin

We've been lamenting for years about the lack of dedicated taco joints in Dublin, but now after so long of such little choice, there now seem to be options coming out of our ears (although there's still not enough corn ears going into freshly made tortillas for our liking). Of course any new venture can be hit or miss, so we've done the hard work for you (it’s a tough job) and rounded up some of our favourites to try on your next taco trail. In no particular order, let’s taco ’bout tacos…

Los Chicanos

Los Chicanos has been a labour of love for owner Scott Holder. He actually sourced this truck around four years ago in LA, but due to some unlucky shipping issues and a painstaking renovation process it only opened up this summer at Elliot’s Cash and Carry, off Camden Street. Despite the delays, they've been a roaring success so far with a dedicated following and even an invitation to cater at the Mexican embassy – can’t get a better endorsement than that. We loved the lamb barbacoa with tomatillo mint salsa, and the salsa macha cauliflower with jalapeño crema and white cabbage.

El Milagro

We posted about El Milagro making their mark in Malahide Marina a while ago and since then they've expanded to UCD's Thursday market and Herbert Park's Sunday market, giving you even more opportunity to try these sensational tacos. The owner Julian is originally from Mexico and it shows in the quality of the ingredients he uses and the flavours that pack a punch. The tortillas are handmade from Mexican-run Balam, and you can taste the difference.


The OG modern Mexican restaurant in Dublin, 777 is a bit more spenny than other places but the quality of their food is second to none and their margaritas are some of the best, and most potent, in town. You are always guaranteed a good time here - this is the place to go to kickstart a big night out.


One of our favourites, Órale operates out of Eatyard and have just launched their new autumnal menu, including a gorgeous McNally pumpkin taco which we can’t wait to try. We are also waiting with bated breath for their (hopeful) return to Dun Laoghaire when their pesky staffing issues are sorted.

El Grito

El Grito was one of our first experiences in Dublin of real Mexican food at reasonable prices. Their tiny shop in Temple Bar was always welcoming and we wondered would their move to a larger premises on Mountjoy Square cause them to lose some of the charm? Luckily on a recent visit, we found that they’ve managed to maintain the charm, their dedicated customer base, and their inexpensive price point.

La Cocina Cuevas

We are probably not the only people to have become mildly obsessed with crunch wraps when we first spotted them on our feeds, and we definitely attempted our own version with varying levels of success, but if you want the real deal, you’ll have to head to the Naul. You may have come across La Cocina Cuevas at their Ted’s Gaff pop-up in Rathgar over the summer which we would love to be a permanent fixture at some point, but for now we’ll happily make the trip.

El Silencio

What is it about secret doors that get us so giddy, and will we ever grow out of it? We hope not because by the time you enter this little venue hidden inside Pablo Picante on Clarendon Street you're already primed for a great night out, and the tacos and margarita menu only add to it. El Silencio is also one of the best places in the city to drink Mezcal, if that's your thing (it's ours).


When they opened in 2018 Masa was a welcome addition to the Dublin food scene as a casual, inexpensive place to meet friends, and over the years (and a pandemic) it's held on to its popularity. It’s generally busy but because of the fast service turnover is quick so it’s rarely an issue rocking up without a booking – something invaluable in our eyes in a city where seemingly everywhere decent needs to be booked weeks in advance.

Fuppin Delish

Fuppin Delish landed in Dinetown in May of this year much to our delight. It’s run by a husband-and-wife team who have worked in food for years doing everything from supper clubs to catering, and now they've joined the food truck brigade. They're clearly passionate about their food, even grinding their own masa for their tacos, and experimenting with different specials along with their usual menu - Mexican Tayto mashup anyone?! They've sadly just left Dinetown which is currently closed for works, but are eagerly searching for a new place to park their truck or a permanent site.

Paco's Tacos, Greystones

Okay, okay, technically not Dublin but we can’t let something frivolous like county borders get in the way of important taco news. Paco's Tacos is a new venture from the guys at The Fat Fox - they've turned the yard of their Greystones shop into a buzzy outdoor eating area with tacos served from a very cool renovated milk truck. The design is geared for Instagram shares so you could expect that the food may be lacking, but luckily the small menu and natural wines do not disappoint.

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