78 Thomas Street, Dublin 8
The food: Cooking with fire
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Cooking with fire from chef Keelan Higgs (formerly Luna and Locks), with an emphasis on family-style dining, homemade pasta and big flavours. A wine list full of unusual options and a minimalistic room, which was immediately touted as one of the most exciting openings of the year.


Leslie Williams, Irish Examiner

09 Feb 2019


"There are big flavours in the food here but they are immensely satisfying as they are married so well with classical elements and techniques." Food 8.5/10. Value 8/10.

Lucinda O'Sullivan, Sunday Independent

03 Feb 2019


"Go now. Soon you won’t be able to bag a table here for love nor money."

Katy McGuinness, Irish Independent

26 Jan 2019


"Higgs' cooking is unashamedly focused on flavour and it's outstanding." Food 9/10. Value 9/10.

Catherine Cleary, The Irish Times

19 Jan 2019


"It’s been a heartening start to the year to find one of my meals of the year in an unloved stretch of Dublin street. Hearth and home in one place." 9/10

Gillian Nelis, Sunday Business Post

13 Jan 2019


"The brothers have financed the venture themselves, and the absence of big-money backers means that it was only ever going to be the food, and not the decor, that did the talking. And boy, does this food talk."

Tom Doorley, Irish Daily Mail

12 Jan 2019


"I absolutely bloody loved it..."

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Variety Jones

78 Thomas Street, Dublin 8

Ph: +353 4544976

Open: Tue - Sat 17:30 – 22:00.