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10 Great Things To Eat In Dublin Under €10

Times are tight, and we're all feeling the pinch, but that doesn’t mean eating out has to fall by the wayside: there’s a host of delicious, great quality food in Dublin that will leave you full-bellied and smiley-faced without having to empty your pockets, or go anywhere near a Eurosaver menu. Here’s 10 of our favourite things to eat in Dublin under €10.

1) Dosa, Indian Tiffins - €9.99

Tucked away in an inconspicuous corner of Parnell Street is some of the city’s very best Indian street food. Specialising in South Indian cuisine and never skimping on spice, Indian Tiffins offers a choice of deep-fried snacks alongside heftier portions of biryani and curries. But it’s their dosas you really need to try, and the standard ghee roast comes in just short of a tenner. These deliciously crisp lentil and rice flour pancakes go down a treat with the fiendishly hot sauce on the side, and also come with eight filling options if you’ve got an extra few euro to hand.

2) Khachapuri, Ella’s Heaven - €7

When it comes to bang for your buck, Ella's Heaven on Talbot Street is very hard to better: this little Georgian bakery does lunch feasts that could easily last you all day. Fluffy dough is folded into an oval shape and filled with an egg and cheese scramble before being baked ‘til bubbling and topped with an egg yolk and a hearty pat of butter. The airy, piping hot bread is dripping with molten, salty cheese., and extra fillings like spinach and basturma, a traditional Georgian air-dried beef, are available to add.

3) Pho, Aobaba - €8.50

Nothing warms the soul quite like a steaming bowl of pho, and few in the city do it as well as Aobaba. Determinedly casual in its pared-back, no-nonsense layout, this Vietnamese street food institution sees a steady churn of diners through the day stopping by for its excellent value, generous portions. While the pho is definitely the standout here, there’s a host of other soups and stews you can get for under €10 - large portions will tip you over the line, but with these servings eyes are almost always bigger than bellies.

4) The Hot Chick, V-Face - €10

The growing rarity of a non-chain burger option for under €10 is a serious cause for concern, so it’s nice to see V-Face coming out with a special burger-and-drink offer that’ll get you fed and watered without having to break a bigger note. The offer is available Mondays through Thursdays from 12:00 to 16:00, and goes across their Hot Chick, Classic John and Magic Mushie options. We’re fond of all three, but the spice kick and eye-catching charcoal black bun of the Hot Chick just about puts in front.

5) Manoush, Zaatar - €7.50

We raved loudly to anyone who’d listen about the value on offer at Zaatar in George’s Arcade when it opened back in June, and its selection of wood-fired Palestinian flatbreads is still up there among the city’s best bets for a great value lunch. The zaatar is the classic - clue’s in the name - but if the blend of herbs, spices and ground sesame seeds doesn’t float your boat, the three cheese or mohammarah (a spicy walnut paste) surely ought to instead.

6) Popcorn Chicken and Chips, Kakilang - €9.50

Better known as one of the city’s best bubble tea joints, Kakilang has been steadily adding items to its east Asian food menu across the last couple of months. While more adventurous eaters may want to try the takoyaki - Japanese deep-fried dough balls with octopus and cabbage - most will be satisfied with the twice-fried popcorn chicken and chips. This hefty heap of food is crisped to perfection, tossed in lightly spicy Taiwan-style seasoning, and drizzled with sriracha mayo. You’ll be back for more.

7) Fattoush, Fayrouz - €8

There’s plenty of salad available in the city for under €10, but not a lot as likely to fill you as Fayrouz's fattoush. The Lebanese classic is a mix of diced tomato, cucumber and lettuce with fresh mint and toasted pita chunks, tossed in a flavourful dressing of lemon, sumac and pomegranate molasses - a perfect clash of sweet and tangy tastes to tie together the crunchy, juicy textures. The only issue here is sticking to just the salad - everything here is such good value you might be sorely tempted to go over budget.

8) Croquetas, Mr Croqueta - €6.95

A new arrival on the scene, Mr Croqueta recently branched out from its home delivery business and set up shop on the top floor of Camden Street’s A Taste of Spain, where its various croquettes were previously available for takeaway to those lucky enough to get in before they sold out. For this price you can try any combo of four of their six breaded, bechamel snacks - the Basque cod and mushrooms have to rank amongst our top tips.

9) Pizza, Goats Gruff - €10

Pizza for a tenner is just as much of a rarity in Dublin these days as burgers, so it’s great to see Goats Gruff launching their new €10 Wednesdays offer last week - the inaugural effort was such a booked-out success they had to do a one-off €10 Thursday too. Considering the eight options they offer range all the way up to €15 in regular pricing, it’s not hard to understand the demand. Best to book in early before making your way out to the Strawberry Beds.

10) Grilled Cheese, Loose Canon - €7.50

We know what you’re thinking: really, a sandwich? Loose Canon’s grilled cheeses are no ordinary sandwiches, and worth the extra euros. The buzzy cheese and wine emporium in George’s Arcade continually crops up in hot tip lists from Condé Nast Traveller to Mickael Viljanen, and with one bite of these beauties you’ll see exactly why. The cheese of choice can vary depending on what’s in and good on the day, but there’s usually a major Irish focus, like Gubbeen, Templegall, Derg, and Coolea. Break the bank and add a glass of natural wine on too.

Do you have a sub-€10 dish in Dublin that you love? Let us know by emailing or sending us a message on social.