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11 Food Day Trips To Celebrate Getting Out Of Your 5km

We've eaten everything in our 5km, tried every single coffee establishment, and walked in circles working it all off, but as of yesterday the city is ours again. No more roadblocks, no more sneaky café trips to somewhere just outside the boundary, we can once again roam free, and new food is the main thing on our minds. We've mapped out our movements in this whole new world over the next few weeks based on what and where we want to eat, so if you're looking for inspiration for where to spread your wings, feel free to follow in our footsteps...

Hong Kong Bakery, City Centre

We're equally thrilled and terrified at the thought of our first trip into the city centre in months. Will it feel like 28 Days Later? Can we face paying €16 for four hours parking? Where will we pee after our third single-origin, micro-lot coffee? We're hoping the new Hong Kong Bakery on Eden Quay (from the same owners as Ka Shing on Wicklow Street) will make it worth any potential pain, because thoughts of their char siu buns, pork puffs and Cantonese style egg tarts have taken up firm residence in our brains. Open 12:00 - 19:00 Monday - Saturday.

Dosa Dosa, Grand Canal Street

After last week's Instagam conversation about all the different foods we wish Dublin had (instead of endlessly multiplying burgers, fried chicken and cookies), we were reminded that we do have dosas, uttapam and Kathi rolls. Dosa Dosa park up just off Grand Canal Street on Saturdays and Sundays from 13:00 - 20:00, and we're dying for a sunny day drive by before settling down in Merrion Square and remembering what it was like to socialise outside with other humans without face masks, social distancing and the fear of accidentally coughing in public. Check them out and order in advance here.

Sharkbait Shelby's, Clanbrassil Street

Thom Lawson (Lucky Tortoise, Sprezzatura) has yet to have a dud, so we have high expectations for his new seafood shack at Baste on Clanbrassil Street. Sharkbait Shelbys has one of those rare menus where we want ALL THE FOOD, but we'll start with the caviar dippy egg, the crab and bisque mac, and guanciale and tomato Killary Fjord mussels. Find them at Baste BBQ from Thursday - Sunday.

The Rock Bakery, Skerries

Pearce Carty Heffernan was the baker at Clanbrassil Coffee Shop before the world as we knew it upended, but every cloud, because The Rock Bakery was one of many businesses born out of the pandemic. He's currently selling sourdough, ferrero roché croissants and lemon marshmallow nests from the pop-up shop at Potager in Skerries (10:00 - 12:00 on Sunday) with deliveries from Thursday - Saturday (pastries are only at the weekends). Order here.

The Pier House, Howth

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside, and we like it even more with a lobster roll in hand. The Pier House in Howth have just started their new bites menu, including Roaring Water Bay mussels, Achill oysters and toasted lobster rolls with spiced Japanese mayo and crispy garlic shallots. You'll find us out on the pier the next day the temperature goes above 10c, lobster roll in one hand, and the other trying to get a seal to wave back at us.