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16 Ice-Creams You Need in Your Life This Summer

The temperature briefly went over 15° in Dublin this week and you know what that means; every man in the city brought out The Shorts and managed to look like the love-child of Paul Mescal and Steve Irwin, people in SoCoDo were forced to ask themselves “do I actually need a Dryrobe in this heat?”, and ice-cream has started appearing e’rywhere. Woohoo!

Ice-cream is up there on the ATF list of all-time favourite things for three reasons:

  • It tastes great

  • It melts so no matter how full you are, it manages to fit in the little gaps in your stomach

  • Eating ice-cream during the day is not having dessert. Fact. Eat a piece of cake in your car at noon and people comment, eat an ice-cream and you’ll be commended for your ability to keep cool

Here are the ice-creams, and plant-based ice-cream alternatives, that you need in your life this summer.

No Messin' Bakery's Ice-Bergers

It's beginning to feel like ice-cream sandwiches might overtake actual sandwiches in Dublin, and we're not complaining. No Messin's Ice Berger promises creamy ice-cream surrounded by rye cookies with Valhrona chocolate and sea salt, and as with everything they make, you know they're going to smash it. There's going to be limited availability at Proper Order Coffee each weekend during the summer, and expect demand to be very high so go early.

Brasserie Sixty6's Sea Salt, Honey & Caramel Soft Serve

Brasserie Sixty6 on South Great George's Street have just opened a café at the front, complete with a street-facing hatch and a soft serve machine. While they hit the ground running with affogato, they've upped the ante even further with the appearance of this sea salt and honey caramel number.

Cloud Picker's Soft Serve In A Cup

Cloud Picker on Pearse Street has the cutest cups of soft-serve with regularly changing toppings, like praline crumb, caramelised white chocolate, and butterscotch sauce, or honeycomb with dark chocolate. Can we have them all?

Nutbutter's Vegan Soft Serve

Nutbutter in Grand Canal Dock have just launched a plant-based soft-serve ice-cream alternative with toppings like cocoa nibs, homemade chocolate sauce, and the one that's intriguing us - coconut bacon.