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16 Places to Get the Best Ice-Cream in Dublin

In a cone, on a stick, or sandwiched between cookies, there is no wrong way to eat ice-cream, and we're going to make sundaes while the sun shines. Here’s our guide to 16 of the best ice-cream spots in Dublin right now.

Three Twenty, Drury Street

Dublin is lacking in lots of things - affordable accommodation, accessible childcare, a functioning airport, but most despairing is the absence of decent dessert-only options. Three Twenty to the rescue with their Drury Street lab dedicated to all things ice-cream. From Bakewell tart to lemon meringue and the signature crème brûlée, you could probably have a different one every day for a month and still not try everything.

Chimac, Aungier Street

Hands-up if you love Chimac. Hands-up if you regularly do an ice-cream sandwich-only Deliveroo order just to have these icons in your freezer. We’d raise our hands but it takes two to hold these monster sammies. Seasonal flavours often feature, but our hearts will always be with the OG- salted caramel, malty chocolate chip cookies, and salted caramel ice-cream. Chi-mazing.

Cream of the Crop

Combating food waste by eating ice-cream is some seriously futuristic schizzle. Cream of the Crop create artisan gelato and sorbet from surplus food to save it from landfill. Not only does it taste really, realllllly good, the flavours are constantly changing depending on what the COTC crew can get their hands on. Caramel popcorn, chocolate and pumpkin seed, and banoffee pie are some recent offerings, and you can find them at stockists around Dublin, or order for home delivery. Check out their Insta for all the info.

Leamhain, St. Stephen's Green

Vegan, gluten-free and nut-free, Leamhain makes ice-cream that’s as delicious as it is accessible. On top of their scoop shop in St. Stephen’s Green shopping centre, they’ve expanded to supermarkets and delis across Ireland so you have lots of opportunity to get a hold of tubs or sandwiches packed with flavours like lemon curd and strawberry shortcake.

Two Pups, Francis Street

Two Pups in The Liberties covers a lot of bases - fantastic coffee, great brunches, dog-friendly outdoor seating, and the cutest little miso caramel and brownie soft-serve sundaes in the city.

Cold Boi, St. Anne's Park & Online

When it comes to ice-cream, the wackier the flavours the better. Strawberry limeade, tiramisu, and pineapple cheesecake with white chocolate are just some of the combos Cold Boi are sandwiching between blondie cookies. Lots of vegan options here too. Catch them in St. Anne’s every Saturday or have a look on the website for delivery options.

Le Chocolat de Frèd, Dún Laoghaire

If you’ve been on Instagram even once in the last five years, you’ve probably seen a hot chocolate or galette from Le Chocolat de Frèd in Dun Laoghaire. Lovely as those are, the real pull here is the ice-cream. Tubs of soft-serve vanilla with strawberry shortcake, or pecans with whipped cream and an embarrassing amount of chocolate are what we’re after. Add a waffle and maybe plan for a long walk on the pier afterwards to get the heart, and blood sugar levels, going again.

Betty's, Tallaght

Originally operating out of Arnott’s, Betty’s has moved to the multiplex in The Square, Tallaght. Sad news for those of us who needed a city-centre pick-me-up, but great news for D24 move-goers.

Kahuna Pops

Less “cream” more “pop” from Kahuna Pops who do the park rounds throughout the summer (currently Bushy and Tymon on Saturdays, Herbert on Sundays) with their handmade popsicles. Flavours like watermelon, Oreo, and raspberry ripple for dessert on the go.

Sorrento's, Arbour Hill

Our frustration with the phrase “hidden gem” is well-documented, but this one is sailing pretty close. You’d walk past Sorrento’s thinking it’s just another run-of-the-mill chipper, but stick your head in and you’ll find fresh sourdough and focaccia, and enough house-made gelato to make you super glad to have a second dessert stomach.

Scrumdiddly's, Dún Laoghaire and Donabate

Have you been to Dún Laoghaire on a sunny day if you haven’t queued with a bunch of teenagers outside of Scrumdiddly’s? Have you really had an ice-cream if it doesn’t come with your choice of loads of sauces and sweets on top? No, so just make peace with it and get in that queue. With any luck, one of the teens will be blasting out some modern new music, like Kate Bush.

Sicilia in Ireland

Gelato-stuffed-brioche, people; this is not a drill. You’ll find them from Sicilia in Ireland’s food truck every Saturday in St. Anne’s Park, and Sundays in Herbert Park.

Arctic Stone, Blackrock Market

Does food taste better if it's made right in front of you? It really does. Rolled ice-cream from Arctic Stone is just that; your fruit or chocolate of choice is mangled onto a freezing cold metal plate by someone we can only imagine has really well-managed anger issues, then mixed with a creamy custard. The resulting ice-cream is then spread and rolled into a cup, with even more topping and sauces. They also have full tubs retailing from stockists across Dublin, or you can order from their stand in Blackrock Market.