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16 Upcoming Food & Drink Events

This time last year we were cooped up in the confines of our own homes wondering what freedom would eventually taste like. Well, here we are, and it tastes pretty good. This month we’re dining in restaurants beyond 8pm, chatting to strangers in the queue for the toilets, and racing back to our dusty office desks (okay maybe not part). Our newfound freedom has also ushered in the return of events, and our calendar is chockablock between wine tastings, cooking masterclasses, and a date for our next ATF Insiders event. Read on to hear about 16 brilliant ways to spend your time this month...


1) Lunar New Year Banquet From Duck

The Year of the Tiger is in full swing in Dublin, and to celebrate, Asia Market and Duck are preparing a festive banquet with Hong Kong-style duck, BBQ pork char siu, and all the trimmings for two. Collect the meal directly from Duck or order through Deliveroo.

When? Monday 24th January to Saturday 15th February

Where? At-home dining experience from Duck, Dublin 2

How much? €50 for two people

2) Live Jazz At Glovebox

If you haven't been to Allta Winter House yet, their accompanying bar Glovebox is a very nice introduction. If you have been you'll be looking for any excuse to get back up to the top of that carpark. Enter live jazz every Thursday night (with more music to be announced Friday - Sunday). Live music, food, cocktails - it's almost as if that whole pandemic thing never even happened. Book here.

3) A Taste Of Lisbon At Ana's

Escape from Ireland’s harsh wintery weather with a one-night excursion to Lisbon at Ana's in Rathgar. Ana, who is originally of Portuguese descent, is preparing a menu of traditional tapas and sangria for A Taste of Lisbon in their café in Dublin 6, with cod cakes, seafood rice and a creamy Portugese dessert. See the menu and how to book here.

When? Friday 11th February from 19:00

Where? Ana’s Café, Rathgar

How much? €40

4) Chocolate Masterclass With Proper Chocolate Company

The cocoa bean has garnered a reputation for being the ultimate aphrodisiac, from its origins in Ancient Mexico to Flake ads romanticising “the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate”. Learn how the bean became a pin-up bar with chocolatiers and founders of the Proper Chocolate Company, Patrick and Kelli, at a special masterclass in Wren Urban Nest.

When? Saturday 12th February, 18:00-20:00

Where? Wren Urban Nest, Dublin 2

How much? €52.89

5) Eatyard Street Sessions With Lily Ramirez-Foran

The team from Eatyard are giving the chefs of Dublin a platform, well, technically a container, to serve hungry punters at the upcoming Street Sessions series. First up, Lily Ramirez-Foran will be on-site to trial recipes from her new cookbook Tacos, joining Journalist and food writer Ali Dunworth to chat about the book.

When? Sunday 13th February, 14:00 until tacos sell out

Where? Bernard Shaw, Drumcondra

How much? Free entry

6) Howth Foraging With Nicole Dunne

The Irish landscape is peppered with edible flora and fungi from pungent wild garlic to nutrient-dense mushrooms, but while we condone fresh, local and free produce, we wouldn’t want anyone to arrive at an “Into The Wild” scenario. Presenting Nicole Dunne, an expert forager from Howth who teaches attendees the lay of the land before tucking into snacks made using freshly-sourced ingredients.

When? Sunday 20th & 27th February, 11:00-14:00

Where? Meeting at Howth Village

How much? €50

7) Pasta Masterclass With Eric Matthews

If you too have ogled over Eric Matthews’ mouth-watering recipes on Instagram, then you will know all about his hand-rolled pici pasta with Salsiccia sausage and parmesan. To learn how to make pici and two other classic Italian pasta dishes from scratch, snap up a ticket to his upcoming Pasta Masterclass at Warehouse Food Market by

When? Thursday, 17th February, 18:00

Where? Warehouse Food Market by, Dublin 6

How much? €139.64

8) Dumpling Masterclass With Holly Dalton

Master the hand-folding techniques required to make dumplings with former Gertrude and 3fe chef Holly Dalton. Holly’s latest venture Conbini Condiments is inspired by the flavours of Japan, a theme that has run through many of her dishes, from dumplings to the breaded Tonkatsu sandwich originally served in Gertrude. This three-hour workshop based out of's Warehouse Food Market in Harold's Cross caters for all types of dietary restrictions, excluding gluten-free.

When? Saturday 26th February, 16:30

Where? Warehouse Food Market, Dublin 6

How much? €91.61

9) Vito's Dinner And A Show At Hen's Teeth

Now that Vito Spatafore is officially out of hiding, he’s making a cameo appearance at none other than Hen’s Teeth in Dublin 8. The event will feature a talk by actor Joe Gannascoli (AKA Vito) and a three-course meal with Joe's speciality cheese-wheel carbonara. This one is a while away, but tickets are guaranteed to sell out fast.

When? Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st April, 19:00-23:00

Where? Hen’s Teeth, Blackpitts, Dublin 8

How much? €75


10) Rhone Tasting With Killian Horan

The team behind Neighbourhood Wine are banging out events in all of their stores, from specialised tastings to their upcoming Wine School, and they're in demand for good reason. Tickets for Killian Horan’s Côtes du Rhône event are still available and will feature his Le Charlatan wine made with a mix of Syrah, Grenache and Viognier.

When? Friday 11th February, 18:15-20:00

Where? Neighbourhood Wine, Upper Leeson Street

How much? €50

11) Wine Tasting Saturdays At Note

Note is doing a stellar job at spreading the good word of wine, but if you want to take your natural wine knowledge a step further, get down to one of their Wine Tasting Saturdays. Tickets are available from noon each Sunday for the following Saturday but prepare those digits as it sells out quickly. And for all of you natural wine lovers, they’re also hosting a Valentine’s Day collaboration with London wine bar, P. Franco - the only acceptable reason to leave the house on the 14th.

When? Saturday 12th February, 14:30-16:30 (weekly event)

Where? Note, Dublin 2

How much? €30

12) Dublin Wine Trails

Dublin is falling head over heels for wine, and so are we. If you’re hoping to bump into some fellow oenophiles or merely to share a glass of Shiraz or two, then Mari (who hails from the actual birthplace of wine - Georgia) is back with Dublin Wine Trails. The ticket covers the cost of tapas and wines in three wine bars.

When? Saturday 12th & 26th February, 15:30-17:30

Where? TBC

How much? €59

13) Pet Nat Tasting At Provender Wine

Pét Nat (Pétillant Naturel) is a juicy, fizzy wine that acts as a good entry point into the bubbles category. Using traditional methods, Pét Nat is bottled during the fermentation process, which allows it to carbonate naturally. Alright, we’ll stop babbling so that Jenny from Provender Wines can fill you in on the rest. Get tickets for their Pet Nat tasting here.

When? Sunday 13th February, 19:00-20:00

Where? Provender Wine, Dublin 8

How much? €46.27

14) Exclusive ATF Insiders Wine Fair At Neighbourhood Wine

Following the success of our first sold out Wine Fair at Neighbourhood Wine, we’re teaming up with them again for round two and a whole new line up. What better way to spend a Sunday? Tickets go on sale tomorrow and the link will be emailed to ATF Insiders. If you're not already signed up you can fix that here, and we've got lots more events coming up now that we're back to semi-normality...

When? Sunday 27th February 2022

Where? Neighbourhood Wine, Upper Leeson Street

How much? €25 (redeemable on purchases over €150)


15) A Growing Enquiry @ The RHA

Artists often use their practice to tackle critical social issues from gender inequality to environmentalism. Given the state of our current food systems, a collective of six female artists has joined forces to probe food production and its impact on the longevity of our environment. A Growing Enquiry runs from mid-February to the end of April at the RHA. Pop into Margadh wine bar for a snack and a glass of wine when you’re finished.

When? Friday 18th February to Saturday 30th April

Where? RHA Gallery, Dublin 2

How much? Free

16) Boiling Point, Lighthouse Cinema

Imagine a day at work where everything that can go wrong does, and the eyes of your most prominent critic are witnessing each and every downfall. Boiling Point is one of those gripping watches that - thanks to the beauty of a 90-minute single take - feels like being immersed in the drama of a bustling kitchen from start to finish. A must see before it leaves cinemas.

When? Running since 31st December

Where? Lighthouse Cinema

How much? €10-12.50

We're also keeping our eyes on updates for the Sprezzatura Pasta Club and Scéal Bakery’s upcoming sourdough courses - both to be announced soon.


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