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16 Upcoming Food & Drink Events

This time last year we were cooped up in the confines of our own homes wondering what freedom would eventually taste like. Well, here we are, and it tastes pretty good. This month we’re dining in restaurants beyond 8pm, chatting to strangers in the queue for the toilets, and racing back to our dusty office desks (okay maybe not part). Our newfound freedom has also ushered in the return of events, and our calendar is chockablock between wine tastings, cooking masterclasses, and a date for our next ATF Insiders event. Read on to hear about 16 brilliant ways to spend your time this month...


1) Lunar New Year Banquet From Duck

The Year of the Tiger is in full swing in Dublin, and to celebrate, Asia Market and Duck are preparing a festive banquet with Hong Kong-style duck, BBQ pork char siu, and all the trimmings for two. Collect the meal directly from Duck or order through Deliveroo.

When? Monday 24th January to Saturday 15th February

Where? At-home dining experience from Duck, Dublin 2

How much? €50 for two people

2) Live Jazz At Glovebox

If you haven't been to Allta Winter House yet, their accompanying bar Glovebox is a very nice introduction. If you have been you'll be looking for any excuse to get back up to the top of that carpark. Enter live jazz every Thursday night (with more music to be announced Friday - Sunday). Live music, food, cocktails - it's almost as if that whole pandemic thing never even happened. Book here.

3) A Taste Of Lisbon At Ana's

Escape from Ireland’s harsh wintery weather with a one-night excursion to Lisbon at Ana's in Rathgar. Ana, who is originally of Portuguese descent, is preparing a menu of traditional tapas and sangria for A Taste of Lisbon in their café in Dublin 6, with cod cakes, seafood rice and a creamy Portugese dessert. See the menu and how to book here.

When? Friday 11th February from 19:00

Where? Ana’s Café, Rathgar

How much? €40

4) Chocolate Masterclass With Proper Chocolate Company

The cocoa bean has garnered a reputation for being the ultimate aphrodisiac, from its origins in Ancient Mexico to Flake ads romanticising “the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate”. Learn how the bean became a pin-up bar with chocolatiers and founders of the Proper Chocolate Company, Patrick and Kelli, at a special masterclass in Wren Urban Nest.

When? Saturday 12th February, 18:00-20:00

Where? Wren Urban Nest, Dublin 2

How much? €52.89