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BuJo: Fast food that's feel-good

We love anything that redeems fast food, even the tiniest bit, so we're feeling almost proud of new Irish burger joint BuJo seeing all the work they're doing to operate sustainably.

The Irish beef is grass-fed (because this is what cows are supposed to eat, they have four stomachs for this purpose), the potatoes are grown on White Hart Farm in North Dublin, the bacon comes from Luke Bogue's rare-breed pigs in Cavan, and the buns are made by Coghlan's Bakery in Kildare. In a world where suppliers are often in a race to the bottom to secure business, we love to see a new opening putting their responsibilities ahead of pure profit (although we're sure they're hoping it leads to this too).

Beer is from Wicklow Wolf in Bray, cider from Dan Kelly's in Drogheda, and although there's no Irish wine available, they've done the next best thing by bringing in wine on tap from innovators Wine Lab, ensuring minimal waste and no glass to be recycled. They also use 100% renewable electricity.

Milkshakes are made with ice-cream from Coolhull Farm in Wexford, and their cups, lids and straws are compostable. All of their Irish suppliers are championed on a 'suppliers wall', and even their staff uniforms have been ethically sourced and made. And to reward them for their efforts, the Sustainable Restaurant Association gave them their highest, 3 star rating shortly after opening - the only burger restaurant in the UK and Ireland with 3 stars. We're a little bit in love.

With the planet in the worst state it's ever been in, it's heartening to see businesses like this showing heart instead of just greed. More of this and maybe we can move the Doomsday Clock back a few minutes.


6 Sandymount Green, Dublin 4

Mon - Thu: 12: - 21:30. Fri - Sat 12:00 - 22:00. Sun 12:00 - 21:00.

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