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Asia Market dedicates a day to dumplings

We're big fans of Asia Market, the bustling food haven accessed through a dark door on Drury Street, full of sights and sounds that make us want to eat and eat. There are so many things there that we can't seem to find anywhere else - garlic shoots, sushi rice, fermented squid. So we perked up when we heard that they've decided Friday the 16th of February is Dumpling Day.

It's part of the Chinese New Year festivities, and will celebrate the New Year's tradition in Chinese families of making dumplings together, with everyone from the youngest to the oldest getting involved. The event takes place from 9am - 6pm, and you'll learn how to make and wrap your own dumplings, how to cook them, and how to eat them - not sure we need help with that but happy to play along. If you're in the area and like eating you would be mad not to drop in.

Dumpling Day

16th February 2018

Asia Market, 18 Drury Street, Dublin 2

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