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Oliver Dunne takes over O'Connells in Donnybrook

Long standing restaurant O'Connells in Donnybrook yesterday announced that the restaurant has been sold to Oliver Dunne's restaurant group, which includes Bon Appetit in Malahide, Cleaver East in the Clarence Hotel and Beef and Lobster on Parliament Street.

O'Connells has been owned and operated by Annette and Tom O'Connell (Darina Allen's brother) for almost 20 years. Two weeks ago they were listed as one of the Sunday Times' Ireland's 100 best restaurants, compiled by John and Sally McKenna.

O'Connells is known for being quite old school and traditional, catering to a local South Dublin crowd, so we imagine Oliver Dunne has big plans to refresh it. We're told that all staff are staying and the website and phone numbers won't change for the meantime. Gift vouchers will also remain valid.

You can read the restaurant's full statement here.

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