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'Frogs Attack' comes to The Fumbally

The French are coming, and they're bringing food and wine. There's a special 'Frogs Attack' dinner taking place in The Fumbally Café on Tuesday 10th April, with travelling chef Antony Cointre, and legendary natural winemakers Agnès and Jean Foillard and Thierry Puzelat, and we think you should put this one in the diary.

Anthony is a self-thought chef who ended up at cult Parisian bistro Le Baratin. Anyone who has a 'where to eat in Paris' list knows it and loves it. The cooking is all about the seasons and what's available, and there's rarely much choice. This is how Anthony cooks, and on the night he'll be preparing a six course tasting menu. Details won't be announced until a few days before the event, but we're told it will be 'thoughtful and seasonal'.

Joining Antony to pour the wine will be two of the most talked about names in natural wine - Jean Foillard and his wife Agnès from Beaujolais, and Thierry Puzelat from the Loire Valley. Folliard's Beaujolais' are frequently held up as the benchmark for the region, and are the antithesis to bad-name giving, bubblegum tasting, banana sweet BoJo. Puzelat is making some of the most original, interesting wines to come out of the Loire Valley, including a crazily delicious Sauvignon Blanc that tastes like mango yoghurt.

Tickets are €50 for food, and wines will be sold at cost price, meaning a wine that would normally be in the region of €90 will be more like €35. The winemakers will also be talking about their wines and pouring tasters so you can decide what to order. We think this sounds like a really lovely evening and a chance to experience a little bit of Paris in Dublin 8.

Frogs Attack

Tuesday 10th April, 7:30pm

The Fumbally Café, Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8

Tickets €50

Book here

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